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Special Edition
    Following is an important notice recently sent from Barry L. Shoop, 2016
    IEEE President to IEEE members concerning electioneering activities. All conference committees should be aware of the IEEE guidelines and
    policies as they relate to activities at your IEEE sponsored events.
Policies and Guidelines Related to Electioneering Activities
Barry ShoopColleagues,

The IEEE Board of Directors has established a set of policies and guidelines related to electioneering activities. Specifically, IEEE Policy 13 provides guidance to editors and conference organizers
on how electioneering material is distributed (in person, via email, online, in publications and in IEEE meetings). It also explains how presentations are to be made in IEEE meetings and how statements for publication are to be sought and presented.

Policy 14 explains how IEEE mailing lists and rosters may be used for electioneering. These policies were created after long deliberations by the Board, on the basis of experience from multiple election campaigns in IEEE and under solid legal advice. They are meant to guarantee that members are informed of the issues under discussion, and that candidates and opinions related to referenda and constitutional amendments are represented fairly, accurately, and in a respectful manner.

In this year's Annual Election, members will be asked to elect individuals to positions on Boards and Committees and to vote on an amendment to the IEEE Constitution. The principles of open discussion with respect to the issues, as stated in section 13.3.A.2 of the IEEE Policies, apply equally to candidates, constitutional amendments, and referenda.

If you plan to present information about candidates or about the amendment at an event or in a publication, we are relying on you to familiarize yourself thoroughly with Policies 13 and 14 and to conduct your activities in keeping with both the letter and the spirit of these policies.

IEEE Staff and the IEEE Election Oversight Committee stand ready to answer questions and provide advice as necessary. They can be contacted at

Thank you,

Barry L. Shoop, Ph.D., P.E.
2016 IEEE President and CEO

Contact IEEE Election Oversight Committee

Managing Editor: Kevin Hanft,


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