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IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Newsletter
 1st Quarter 2016
In this issue
  • Membership in AESS
  • 2016 IEEE Fellows
  • AESS Technical Panels
  • Spotlight on Technical Panels
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Distinguished Lecturer
  • AESS Officers Meeting
  • Student Corner
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IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Publications

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IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine

Image of June 2015 IEEE Aerospace & Engineering Magazine

The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine (M-AES) is a monthly magazine that publishes articles concerned with the various aspects of systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments as well as news and information of interest to IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society members. Our goal is to inform the readers of technologies, state of the art, design trades, etc. so that they will gain insights into a field heretofore unknown to them. We want to introduce technical specialties to readers in the hope that something in the articles will give them some insight for their own fields of endeavor.

Table of Contents 2015:

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems

Image of April 2015 IEEE Aerospace & Engineering Magazine

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (T-AES) focuses on the organization, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environment. These systems include, but are not limited to, navigation, avionics, spacecraft, aerospace power, radar, sonar, telemetry, defense, transportation, automated testing, and command and control.

Table of Contents 2015:

AESS Suggestions Welcome
We welcome suggestions from members on how the AESS can improve. Please let us know what they are and we will respond to you.

Judy Scharmann, AESS Executive Assistant
George Schmidt, VP Member Services.
Chapter Corner
IEEE Senior Membership
Senior membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and shall require experience reflecting professional maturity; a candidate should be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years. Read more

For more information, go to the IEEE Senior membership section of the IEEE website.

Visit our website to view the complete list of Senior Members elevated in 2015.

IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award
Award nominations are currently being sought for the IEEE Judith A. Resnik Award. The nomination deadline is 31 January 2016.


About the IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Newsletter

Happy New Year to all AESS Members and best wishes for an enjoyable and successful 2016, both professionally as well as personally. As always, I want to personally welcome you as a member of AESS and to our Quarterly Email Blast (QEB), which serves as our society newsletter bringing you important information on the wide variety of activities going on in the Society. Read more

Best regards,
Bill Walsh
Editor-in-Chief, AESS QEB

New AESS QEB Editor-in-Chief
Michael Rice is a professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Brigham Young University. He has been serving as Technical Editor for Command, Control, and Communications and as Associate Editor in Chief for IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems. He was recently elected to the AESS Board of Governors.

Outgoing AESS President Passes the Gavel
The Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society is blessed with excellent member and leaders who daily advance technology for humanity through their work in industry, academia, government, and in association with other professional organizations. Read more
Best wishes to AESS for a successful 2016!
Bob Lyons, AESS President

2016 IEEE Fellows
Congratulations to the newly-elected AES Fellows!

Christopher Baker
"for contributions to cognitive sensing in passive and diversity radars"

Giuseppe Fabrizio
"for contributions to adaptive array signal processing in over-the-horizon radar systems"

William Baldygo
"for leadership in signal processing for radar systems"

Lance Kaplan
"for contributions to signal processing and information fusion for situational awareness"

Edward Baranoski
"for leadership in knowledge-aided radar systems for indoor environments"

Ellis Meng
"for contributions to biomedical microelectromechanical systems"

Shannon Blunt
"for contributions to radar waveform diversity and design"

Daniele Mortari
"for contributions to navigational aspects of space systems"

David Doman
"for contributions to flight dynamics and control"

AESS Technical Panels
Technical Operations is responsible for oversight of the Technical Panels for the AESS Board of Governors.

The panels hold multiple meetings per year throughout the world, typically where conferences relevant to their technical interests are taking place. Creation of IEEE standards and support of IEEE Conferences are major thrust of technical panels. Each panel operates under its own charter and bylaws. Be sure to click the appropriate Technical Panel link below for more information on that panel. Please contact Walt Downing, VP Technical Operations, the Technical Panel Chairs or any member of the Board of Governors if you're interested in participating in the work of a technical panel.

Learn more about the Technical Panels:
  1. Gyro and Accelerometer
  2. Radar Systems
  3. Space Systems
  4. Target Tracking Systems
  5. Aerospace Systems Integration Engineering
  6. Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles
  9. Avionics Systems
Spotlight on Technical Panels
Avionics Systems

The Avionics Systems Technical Panel (ASTP) was created to support and expand AESS activities in avionics. These include software and hardware integration, FACE, IMA and crew interaction/automatic operations. The committee supports the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) and Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS). The ASTP identifies speakers for the conferences; authors for Systems Magazine and coordinates on areas of joint interest with other panels. The committee meets 2 times a year, at ICNS in April and DASC in the September/October timeframe. Read more

Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles

Aerospace & Electronic Systems society UAV/UAS Technical Panel 2015 Project

Objective: Three separate locations Fraunhofer FKIE Wachtberg, Germany; Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi and Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, Missouri to participate in a "round-robin" flight characteristics performance testing of three type of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - helicopter, quadrotor and fixed wing to generate interest and promote UAS to AESS members to encourage "hands-on activities" and support of safe integration of UAS into US Airspace. Read more.
Upcoming Conferences
The Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society has a number of conferences addressing important aspects of our field of interest. A comprehensive listing of our conferences can be found by visiting our website. Members are encouraged to submit papers, attend conferences, and network with colleagues in your shared area of interest.

The 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference will be held in Big Sky, Montana on 5-12 March 2016. The annual, week-long conference, set in a stimulating and thought-provoking environment, is designed for aerospace experts, academics, military personnel, and industry leaders. The 2016 conference is the 36th in the conference series. For more information and submission deadlines, please visit the Aerospace Conference website.

The 2016 IEEE/ION PLANS 2016 will be held in Savannah, GA, USA on 11-14 April 2016. The Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) is a biennial technical conference that occurs in the spring of even numbered years. Our mission is to provide a forum to share the latest advances in navigation technology. For more information, please visit the PLANS 2016 website.

The 2016 IEEE Radar Conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA, USA 2-6 May 2016. Join us in Philadelphia and participate in advancing radar science by participating in the IEEE Radar 2016 conference appropriately themed "Enabling Technologies for Advances in Radar.” For more information and submission deadlines, please visit the Radar 2016 website.

The 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace will be held in Florence, Italy 22-23 June 2016. Following the success of the first two editions of IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace (MetroAeroSpace), it was considered convenient to promote a third edition of this event, which aims at reinforcing and supporting the collaborations among people working in developing instrumentation and measurement methods for aerospace. Find information on the call for papers on our website. The submission deadline is 22 January 2016.

AUTOTESTCON 2016 will be held in Anaheim, California 12-15 September 2016. AUTOTESTCON is the world's premier conference that brings together the military/aerospace automatic test industry and government/military acquirers and users to share new technologies, discuss innovative applications, and exhibit products and services. It is sponsored annually by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). View the call for papers, the submission deadline is 15 March 2016.

The 2016 IEEE/AIAA 35th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) will be held in Sacramento, CA 25-30 September 2016. The DASC is the premier annual conference providing authors an opportunity for publication and presentation to an international audience of papers encompassing the field of avionics systems for aircraft/rotorcraft/unmanned aircraft (commercial, military, business and general aviation), navigation, communications (all bands voice/sensor/data), sensors, crew interface, avionics architectures, software, and space and ground components needed for the safe operation of commercial and military aircraft, and space systems. The abstract submission deadline is 12 March 2016.

The 2016 European Navigation Conference (ENC) will be held in Helsinki, Finland 30 May - 2 June 2016. To find more information, please visit the ENC 2016 website. View the Call For Papers. The submission deadline is 15 January 2016.

The 23rd Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (ICINS) will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia 30 May -1 June 2016. To find more information, please visit the ICINS website.

View the full list of technically co-sponsored conferences on our website.

Have a conference you'd like advertised in the AESS Quarterly Email Blast? Contact Lauren Stockman at for details on how to have it included.

Distinguished Lecturers
All AESS Chapters and IEEE Sections are encouraged to take advantage of the AESS Distinguished Lecturer (DL) and Tutorial Program for their regular or special meetings. We have selected an outstanding list of speakers who are experts in their fields. After giving a lecture, the speaker and/or host should prepare a short report suitable for publication in IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Magazine and posting on the AESS website.

View most recent Distinguished Lecturers:

Simon Haykin, September 2015 in Tampa, FL
Mark Davis, June 2015 in London, UK
AESS Newly Appointed Officers
The Fall 2015 AESS Board of Governors meeting was held in Rome, Italy in conjunction with the First International Symposium on Systems Engineering. At this meeting, the 2016 officers were appointed.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Officers for 2016:

Theresa Pace
Giuseppe Fabrizio
Executive Vice President
W. Dale Blair
VP Publications
Maria S. Greco
Robert C. (Bob) Rassa
James Howard
Mark E. Davis
Michael A. Cardinale
VP-Industry Relations
Kathleen Kramer
Hugh D. Griffiths
Sr. Past President
George T. Schmidt
VP-Member Services
Robert P. Lyons, Jr.
Jr. Past President
Please find the list of current AESS Officers on our website.

Elected Members of the AESS Board of Governors

Members-at-Large 2014 - 2016
Erik Blasch
Robert L. Ewing
Alfonso Farina
James Howard
Robert C. (Bob) Rassa
Michael A. Cardinale
William Walsh
Peter Willett

Members-at-Large 2015 - 2017
W. Dale Blair
Jose Bolanos
Mark E. Davis
Walter D. Downing
Giuseppe A. Fabrizio
Maria S. Greco
Teresa Pace
Vince Socci

Members-at-Large 2016 - 2018
Wolfgang Koch
Kathleen Kramer
Marina Ruggieri
George T. Schmidt
Roy L. Streit
Michael Wicks
Leo P. Ligthart
Michael Rice

Student Corner

Ryan Paterson was selected to be the Graduate Student Representative
to the IEEE AES Board of Governors. Read more
Scott Sprindis served this past year in the role of Undergraduate
Student Representative for the IEEE AES Board of Governors. Read more.

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