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IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Newsletter
 2nd Quarter 2014
In this issue
  • New Member Services
  • AESS News
  • Conference Organizers Needed
  • IEEE Awards Board Volunteers Needed
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IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
The April Issue of IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of June 2014 IEEE Systems Journal

Feature articles in this issue:
  • "Active CO2 two-phase loops for the AMS-02 tracker"
  • "The Würzburg Radar Equipment from the Bruneval Raid"
  • "Optimal attitude and position determination by integration of INS, star tracker, and horizon sensor"
  • "Mobile positioning via fusion of mixed signals of opportunity"

AESS Technical Panels

Members of AESS, what technologies do you work with?
Which would you like to work with?
Help us define and refine what we do in Technical Operations.
Please advise us on how we may better serve the membership.

What role would you like to play in Technical Panels? Is there a Technical Panel missing?
Do you want to chair an open technical panel? What about leading a Subcommittee?

Take a moment to engage - there are no shortages of opportunities to grow and learn here.

E-mail Roger Oliva, VP Tech Ops.

AESS Elections
We recently held elections for the Board of Governors (BoG), candidates elected to serve on the BoG will serve from 2015-2017.

We received a total of 675 ballots, more than any other year. The AESS Board of Governors would like to thank everyone who participated and took the time to cast their votes.

Congratulations to the following candidates who will serve on the 2015-2017 IEEE AESS Board of Governors:
  • William Dale Blair, Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA;
  • Mark E. Davis, Independent Consultant, USA;
  • Walter D. Downing, Southwest Research Institute, USA;
  • Giuseppe "Joe" Fabrizio, Defence Science & Technology Organisation, Australia;
  • Maria S. Greco, University of Pisa, Italy;
  • Teresa Pace, SenTech LLC, A DSCI Company, USA.


About the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Newsletter

Engineers today start their careers with excellent technical skills and subject matter. The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine.

IEEE AESS Board of Governors, May 2014

New Member Services

Join the ranks of Google and GE by posting job availabilities on the IEEE Job Site. Located through the AESS Web site, it is even easier to access the database - simply go to our Web site locate the Membership drop-down menu, IEEE Job Site will be the last option.

IEEE Spectrum Aerospace News Channel is now just a click away on our Web site. Scroll down and click on the IEEE Spectrum logo and visit the IEEE Spectrum Aerospace News Channel.

AESS is now on Twitter! You can find us @IEEE_AESS. Tweet us and be sure to use #AESS whenever you discuss Aerospace and Electronic Systems related material.


Greetings DASC Enthusiasts! We have exciting news! The AIAA and IEEE will be holding the 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) in September 2015 in the Czech Republic in picturesque Prague. As you know, the DASC is the premier annual conference to attend for all engineers and business leaders in aerospace avionics. We invite prestigious academics, avionics industry leaders and key government people to actively participate in the technical content of the conference. And, we offer a cultural program for you and your guests to experience the beauty of Prague and the surrounding area.

DASC provides authors the opportunity to present and publish to an international audience representing the field of avionics systems from research to product insertion for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft; Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems; Air Traffic Management Systems; and, emerging Space Transportation Systems. We are planning a conference of technical papers, tutorials, exhibits, and special events that will make this a memorable event and draw world-wide participation. Attending in person will allow you to gain information from over 35 technical sessions consisting of over 200 papers, a tutorial program of 25 courses and a Plenary Session composed of key industry leaders discussing today’s hot topics. Start planning for this today!

We are aware of many "hot topics" being discussed in Aviation and Space today and want to focus on the ones that are of most interest to our valued attendees. Having an international global community participate with common yet unique topics of interest will provide opportunities to learn and stay ahead of societal needs for aerospace systems. We encourage you to send the Conference your most pressing "hot topic" that you would like to see discussed in any of our forums. Topics can also address tutorial courses, panel discussions and special sessions. If you are interested in being proactively involved with the planning, attending, and enjoying of the conference, send us your interest areas so that we can determine the topics of interest, new areas to consider, and contemporary issues. Please send your “hot topic” to

Please add the 34th DASC to your calendar and share this with your colleagues. Watch for updates at

I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Prague!

AESS Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Below are AESS volunteer opportunities at two of our sponsored conferences:

Volunteers needed for IEEE Awards
The IEEE Awards Board seeks new volunteers to serve on its award selection committees and Awards Board standing committees to assist with managing the recipient nomination and selection process for IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions, the highest awards IEEE presents on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors.

To apply to serve on an award selection committee or as a member of one of the following Awards Board’s (AB) committees, visit the IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments Web site.

  • AB Awards Review Committee;
  • AB Planning and Policy Committee;
  • AB Finance Committee;
  • AB Presentation and Publicity Committee;
  • AB Joint Awards with National Societies Committee;
  • Medals Council;
  • Technical Field Awards Council;
  • Recognitions Council.

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