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IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Newsletter
 4th Quarter 2016
In this issue
  • Membership in AESS
  • 2012 M. Barry Carlton Award winners
  • 2016 Call for Nominations
  • AESS Education Spotlights
  • Distinguished Lecturers
  • AESS Technical Panels
  • Publication News
  • Conferences
  • AESS Board of Governors
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IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Publications

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All subscribers can access the online edition by clicking on the magazine covers below and using their IEEE Account.

IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine

Image of IEEE Aerospace & Engineering Magazine

The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine (M-AES) is a monthly magazine that publishes articles concerned with the various aspects of systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments as well as news and information of interest to IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society members. Our goal is to inform the readers of technologies, state of the art, design trades, etc. so that they will gain insights into a field heretofore unknown to them. We want to introduce technical specialties to readers in the hope that something in the articles will give them some insight for their own fields of endeavor.

Table of Contents

AESS Video Tutorial Series Content
The AESS Tutorial series is intended to inspire and guide members of the AESS community to better understand existing areas of research or pursue emerging research topics that can lead to creative solutions for various AESS technology challenges.

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems

Image of April 2015 IEEE Aerospace & Engineering Magazine

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (T-AES) focuses on the organization, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environment. These systems include, but are not limited to, navigation, avionics, spacecraft, aerospace power, radar, sonar, telemetry, defense, transportation, automated testing, and command and control.

Table of Contents

Beginning in the 2016 publication year, the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (T-AES) moved from quarterly publication cycle to bi-monthly with February 2016 issue being the first in the new cycle.
AESS Suggestions Welcome
We welcome suggestions from members on how AESS can improve. Please let us know what they are and we will respond to you.
For assistance with the application, please contact VP-Member Services George Schmidt.

George Schmidt, VP Member Services
Judy Scharmann, AESS Executive Assistant.

IEEE Senior Membership
Senior membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and shall require experience reflecting professional maturity; a candidate should be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years. Read more

For assistance with the IEEE Senior membership application, please contact VP-Member Services George Schmidt.

For more information, go to the IEEE Senior membership section of the IEEE website.

Visit our website to view the complete list of Senior members elevated in 2016.


About the IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Newsletter

What a wonderful time of the year. For many of us, this is the return to school and the start of football. Whether you follow the NFL, the Premier League, the Bundesliga or Seria A, this is the season of a fresh start and hope renewed. It is also the beginning of the end of the year. This inspires me to contemplate the all the things AESS members have accomplished so far, and to anticipate the many accomplishments still to come in 2016. I offer hearty congratulations to those elevated to Senior member this past quarter and a heart-felt "thank you" to all who have volunteered their time to serve on AESS and conference committees, on technical panel activities, and in Chapters. AESS would not be where it is today without your contributions. I also express gratitude to those who serve in the Systems Magazine and Transactions, writing and reviewing papers, and working to make these publications the best they can be. I invite you to take a minute to read about the great accomplishments of AESS members over the past three months. As you do so, I also invite you to think about ways you can be involved. If you find something that interests you, contact us!

Warmest regards,

Michael Rice
Editor-in-Chief, AESS QEB

IEEE Senior Membership
Senior membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and shall require experience reflecting professional maturity; a candidate should be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years... Read more

For more information, go to the IEEE Senior membership section of the IEEE website.

We congratulate AESS members elevated to Senior member since the last QEB:

Murat Efe, Ankara University
George Forrest, Parkway TV, Inc.
Charles Hall, Exide Technologies
Jose Antonio Lopez Salcedo, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Jorge Tejada-Polo, Universidad de San Martín de Porres
Jason Williams, Australia's Defence Science and Technology Group

Matthew Angert, John Hopkins University
Thomas Carr, Southern Methodist University
Peilin Liu, Shanghai JiaoTong University

Visit our website to view the complete list of our 2016 IEEE Senior members.

2012 M. Barry Carlton Award Winners Announced
The M. Barry Carlton award is bestowed on the authors of the best paper published in the IEEE Transactions of Aerospace and Electronic Systems (T-AES) for a given calendar year. The 2012 M. Barry Carlton was awarded to

Kevin (Jim) Sangston | Fulvio Gini | Maria (Sabrina) Greco

for their paper entitled, "Coherent Radar Target Detection in Heavy-Tailed Compound-Gaussian Clutter." Since receiving the award, the paper had attracted 65 citations according to Google scholar, which makes it the third most cited paper in T-AES in 2012. More importantly, numerous giants in the radar signal processing community have written letters of endorsement on behalf of this paper. Prof. Hugh Griffiths, Editor-in-Chief of IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, initially nominated the paper. He states, ". . . this is an exceptional and groundbreaking publication which deserves to be recognized by an award."
Call for Nominations - The IEEE AESS Outstanding Organizational Leadership Award
Nominations are now open for the IEEE AESS Outstanding Organizational Leadership Award. The deadline for nominations is the end of November 2016.

Nominations to be sent to the Chairperson of the AES Society Outstanding Organizational Leadership Award:
Alfonso Farina

Please see details for the award on the AES website.
AESS Education Spotlights
Two of the Society's major Education initiatives are the Distinguished Lecturer and Educational Video Tutorial Programs. In this issue we showcase one of our newest AESS Distinguished Lecturers and one of the tutorials Education provides to members. More details on our offerings and how to arrange a distinguished lecturer are found online

Distinguished Lecturer: Wu Ji
Wu Ji is one of the society's newest distinguished lecturers. He is the chief scientist and project leader of Strategic Priority Program on Space Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is the vice president of Committee for Space Research (COPSAR), fellow of the IEEE (and member of the Aerospace & Electronics Systems Society and the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society), and a full member of International Astronautics Academy. He was the chief designer of ground application system of Double Star Program, project manager of payload sub-system of CE-1, CE-2 and CE-3, chief scientist of YH-1 mission. Wu Ji is able to offer lectures related to advances in remote sensing and space sciences, including a talk on "Space Science Missions in China".

Video Tutorial: "Bistatic and Multistatic Radar"
The AESS Educational Video Tutorial System provides tutorials that tailored to meet the educational needs of our members of our society. The available video tutorials include "Bistatic and Multistatic Radar" presented by Hugh Griffiths over three parts. Bistatic radar's long history, dating is presently the subject of expanded interest, with new systems being designed and evaluated for applications including SAR and GMTI surveillance from UAVs, air defense and counter-stealth. This tutorial provides an overview of the fundamentals of bistatic radar, and then covers current advances in systems. The tutorial presenter is AESS Distinguished Lecturer Hugh Griffiths, IEEE Fellow and author of Advances in Bistatic Radar. The complete set of video tutorials is available to members at our Educational Video Tutorial System (EVTS) found at, which provides access to all its tutorials free to society members. -----------------------
Distinguished Lecturers
All AESS Chapters and IEEE Sections are encouraged to take advantage of the AESS Distinguished Lecturer and Tutorial Program for their regular or special meetings. We have selected an outstanding list of speakers who are experts in their fields. After giving a lecture, the speaker and/or host should prepare a short report suitable for publication in Systems Magazine and posting on the AESS website.
IEEE Offers Reduced Membership Dues for Special Circumstances
Attention IEEE/AESS members: IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. If you meet certain income qualifications, you may be eligible to receive a discount on memberships and select subscriptions. For this reason, IEEE has established special circumstance categories:
The special circumstances include:
  • Minimum income
  • Retired
  • Unemployed
  • Permanently disabled
  • Developing nations
More information available here.
AESS Technical Panels:
Technical Operations is responsible for over site of the Technical Panels for the AESS Board of Governors.

The panels hold multiple meetings per year throughout the world, typically where conferences relevant to their technical interests are taking place. Creation of IEEE standards and support of IEEE Conferences are major thrust of technical panels. Each panel operates under its own charter and bylaws. Be sure to click the appropriate Technical Panel button above for more information on that panel.

Please contact Walt Downing, VP Technical Operations, the Technical Panel Chairs or any member of the Board of Governors if you're interested in participating in the work of a technical panel.

List of Technical Panels:
  1. Aerospace Control & Guidance Systems
  2. Aerospace Systems Integration Engineering
  3. Avionics Systems
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Gyro and Accelerometer
  6. Radar Systems
  7. Space Systems
  8. Target Tracking Systems
  9. Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles

The Gyro and Accelerometer Technical Panel received the 2015 Outstanding Technical Panel of the Year Award during their last meeting at UC Irvine on 7 and 8 July 2016 - For outstanding efforts to develop standards, standard terminology, specification formats, and test procedures for, and to promote understanding of components and systems for detection or measurement of linear or angular motion.

From left to right: Nayeli Trevino (746 Test Squadron), Cleon Barker (746 Test Squadron), Ken Marino (Representing Self), Randall Curey (Northrop Grumman), Jason Bingham (746 Test Squadron), Daniel Tazartes (Northrop Grumman), Edward Schlatter (Raytheon Missile Systems).
Reconstitution of the Target Tracking Systems Panel
After a hiatus of a number of years, the IEEE AESS Target Tracking Systems Panel is being reconstituted with David F. Crouse as its new chair. The objective of the panel are to develop and maintain an IEEE Dictionary for sensor data processing systems, to establish standards for the implementation of algorithms, establish standard methods for testing, evaluating and modeling sensor data processing systems as well as to hold workshops and organize conferences related to such systems.

The first new meeting of the panel was held in July at the 19 International Conference on Information Fusion in Heidelberg, Germany. The panel is not starting from scratch as the previous panel left an incomplete tracking dictionary as well as a nearly complete track-to-truth data association standard, which can be continued. The panel will strive to meet twice per year during IEEE-sponsored conferences.

--David Crouse, Chair
Publications News
New: IEEE AES Systems Magazine
Now Being Offered Electronically!
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine is now being offered electronically, as well as the print version which is mailed out to members. Please enjoy the electronic versions listed below. In order to create excitement, and get feedback, this is being offered free to the public until the end of the year. Starting with the September 2016 Issue, we will be accepting online comments on the articles!
The Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society has a number of conferences addressing important aspects of our Field of Interest. A comprehensive listing of our conferences can be found by clicking here. Members are encouraged to submit papers, attend the conference, and network with your colleagues in your area of interest.

2016 IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology

The 50th Annual IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST) will be held in Orlando, FL, USA 24-27 October 2016. For more information, visit their website.

2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference


The 2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference will be held in Big Sky, MT, USA 4-11 March, 2017. For additional details, view the Call for Papers. Abstracts are still being accepted. Full manuscripts are due 21 October, 2016.

2017 IEEE Radar Conference

The 2017 IEEE Radar Conference will be held in Seattle, WA, USA, 8-12 May 2017. This annual event is returning to the West Coast and in Seattle for the first time. The Conference is timed to coincide with the centennial anniversary of the incorporation of Boeing; thus this annual event is appropriately themed "Building on a Century of Innovation." Please join us in the global advance of radar science by participating in the IEEE Radar 2017 conference. Please visit our website:

Call for Papers Key Dates:
Paper Summaries Due: 14 October 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 29 January 2017
Paper Submission Due: 10 March 2017
Radar Conference: 8-12 May 2017

Save the date! The 2017 IEEE AUTOTESTCON will be held in Schaumburg, IL USA on 11-14 September 2017.

2016 CIE International Conference on Radar
The 2016 CIE International Conference on Radar will be held in Guangzhou, China 10-13 October 2016. View the Call for Papers. For more information, please visit their website.

2017 Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
The 2017 Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (ICINS) will be taking place in Saint Petersburg, Russia 29-31 May 2017. The paper submission deadline is 1 November 2016. View the Call for Papers.

View the full list of technically co-sponsored conferences on our website.

Have a conference you'd like advertised in the AESS Quarterly Email Blast? Contact Judy Scharmann at for details on how to have it included.

AESS Board of Governors
The AESS Board of Governors recently passed the following motion to change the AESS Bylaws:

MOTION: It is moved to amend the AESS Bylaws to establish a Fellow Evaluation Committee and Chair, as follows:
  1. Composition
    • The Fellow Evaluation Committee shall comprise the Chair, who shall be appointed by the Society President, with the advice and consent of the AESS BoG, to serve for three years, non-extendable and non-renewable, and eight members-at-large who shall hold the grade of IEEE Fellow and shall be members of the Society in good standing. Terms of the members-at-large shall be three years, non-renewable.
  2. Appointment of Members
    • The Chair should appoint members-at-large from broad constituencies of the Society to guarantee a fair representation of the Society, in terms of geographic distribution, key technical disciplines, and categories (researchers, technical leaders, practitioners). The selection and appointment of the members-at-large is done by the Chair (with the advice and consent of the Society President and VP Membership).
      The selection and appointment process of the members of the committee should start no later than October and be completed no later than January of the following year. Members of the committee may not nominate or serve as references for any candidate to be evaluated by the committee, nor for nominations via other IEEE Societies.
  3. Responsibilities of Chair
    • The Chair shall be responsible for assigning committee members to evaluate nominations in their areas of technical expertise and experience. At least five committee members shall evaluate each nomination. The Chair shall be responsible for merging the evaluators' input into a coherent whole, and for making the initial ranking. The Chair shall conduct a meeting with the committee members to review the initial ranking of all candidates. With the advice of the members the Chair shall decide if numerical ranking should be changed, or if he/she should obtain additional evaluations for individual candidates. The Chair shall provide final ranking and evaluations to the IEEE Fellows Committee by mid-June. The committee Chair shall send a report to the Society President and the chief staff executive by 30 June of each year. The report shall contain a summary of the Fellows Committee review process and nomination submissions.
      The rationale is to ensure that our Fellow Evaluation process is transparent, in line with other Societies.

The AESS Board of Governors Fall 2016 meeting will be held on 7-8 October at The George Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stay tuned for details from that meeting.

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