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IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Newsletter
2nd Qtr 2018
In this issue:
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IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
The latest issue of IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Feb 2017 IEEE I&M Magazine

Feature articles in this issue include:
  • "Remembering the Slide Rule [Back to Basics]"
  • "Covariance evaluation by means of uncertainty assessment"
  • "Pure and applied metrology"
  • "A very short history of measurement from a social and legal perspective"
  • "Human activity monitoring based on hidden Markov models using a smartphone"
  • "Photonics enhanced sensors for food monitoring: Part 1"


About the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Newsletter
Engineers today start their careers with excellent technical skills and subject matter expertise. The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine.

I personally look forward to the upcoming IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) with its accompanying opportunities to speak with many of you. We may exchange emails and even texts, but I'm a bit old fashioned and still value face to face conversation. Our conferences are constructed to enable that most valuable of human conversation, face-to-face verbal communication. As I write this, I have just completed an IEEE workshop on financial procedures. The best part was meeting and discussing expectations and issues with IEEE Staff and fellow volunteers.

Please seek me out at I2MTC and any other meetings you attend. I would love to spend time understanding who you are, what you do in our shared profession, and how we can help you be successful at it. We move the profession forward by moving each of our members forward. Personally, I'm not great at remembering names, but I remember faces well and I remember conversations when we really get a chance to connect.

Our AdCom is made up of engineers from around the world and you should also seek to connect with them. They are elected by you and we intend to serve your interests in the I&M Society and in IEEE. To further that mission, we need to hear from you. Not in a survey, but efficiently, in person. So, find my fellow AdCom members at I2MTC or the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements & Applications (MeMeA), or any of our other meetings. Go to a local Chapter meeting and meet those leaders. I'm sure they value your conversation as well. It’s who we are. We are a network of human beings engaged in a profession that has vast human implications.

J. Max Cortner
President of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society 2018-2019

Our mission statement reads, "The Instrumentation & Measurement Society Administrative Committee strives to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality services to our members and related professionals." The I&M Society has a wide range of activities and benefits to offer our members. These are detailed on our website.

There also are many opportunities for our members to become involved in volunteer leadership positions that help promote the instrumentation and measurement profession. We invite you to become involved today!

The IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society (I&M) is soliciting nominations for its Society and other Awards. To view the full detailed listing of each award please visit our Awards page on the website.

Nominations are due on varying dates, so please carefully refer to each specific award listing. Nominators should utilize the forms associated with each award description found on the website.

Award Nominations due by 1 August 2018:
J. Barry Oakes Award
Details | Nomination Form

Outstanding Young Engineer Award
Details | Nomination Form

Distinguished Service Award
Details | Nomination Form

Technical Award
Details | Nomination Form

Career Excellence Award
Details | Nomination Form

Outstanding Chapter Award

Award Nominations due by 1 October 2018:
Best Application in Instrumentation & Measurement
Details | Nomination Form

Award Nominations due by 31 December 2018:
Outstanding Technical Committee Award
Details | Nomination Form

For more information, please visit the Awards page on the I&M Website.
Transactions papers presented at IEEE I2MTC conference

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new initiative, whereby authors of papers published in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) can present their work at a specially designated poster session at the IEEE I2MTC conference. This will allow discussions and further interactions, such as networking or collaboration, between the authors and the audience, which is typically lacking for a journal paper. Be sure to visit the TIM@I2MTC session in Houston, on Wednesday 16 May at 3PM EST.

Spotlight on Books Authored by I&M Members

Advertise your book on the I&M website! The Instrumentation and Measurement Society is currently providing a list of book titles written by I&M authors on the I&M website. The Society believes that books are an excellent avenue to disseminate the most advanced state-of-the art within and outside of the community and that the website will help to spread the good news about the hard work of the authors. Nine books are currently listed. You'll likely recognize the authors, as their articles are familiar within I2MTC, in the IEEE Transactions on I&M, in the I&M Magazine, etc.

Guidelines: (1) the book's major thematic basis should be about instrumentation and measurement; (2) the book must be published by a well-recognized publisher; and (3) the book must be in English. The most relevant books will be selected from the submitted titles and will be posted on the I&M Website. The I&M VP of Publications and I&M Publication Committee will have the final decision on which titles are posted to ensure the highest quality. Upon acceptance, this citation will appear on the I&M website: (1) Complete list of authors, (2) Title, (3) Number of pages, (4) Publisher, publisher location, year of publication, and (5) ISBN.

We look forward to hearing about your book and helping to spread the good news via our website.


One of the main missions of conference committee is to foster benefits for Society members by sponsoring diversified and high-quality conferences in I&M fields. A successful meeting relies on the excellent leadership of the organizers and the remarkable cooperation among members of the organizing committee. On behalf of the conference committee I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all technically/ financially sponsored conference organizers and associated committee members for bringing great services to all attendees who might be Society members or could be our Society members in the future.

To make a conference successful, attracting high quality papers is always essential. To meet the quality criteria, the IEEE I&M Society helps the sponsored conferences on contacting colleagues whose research aligns with the main technical topics of the conference and might be interested in attending the events; meanwhile, IEEE I&M also helps by looking for colleagues who have excellent reputations and strong passion for helping authors to improve the quality of their papers. IEEE I&M would also help the sponsored conferences on marketing; by following the IEEE privacy policy, CFPs will be sent to all interested colleagues. In addition, the information of sponsored conferences will also be announced through the I&M Newsletter and IEEE I&M Conference Newsletter issued by the Society for communicating with Society members.

Whether the conferences are sponsored by IEEE I&M is decided by conference theme and quality; we do care for the conference paper quality and the conference management quality. The IEEE I&M will be happy to provide sponsorship for high quality conferences on instrumentation and measurement principles, technologies, applications, and industries. The IEEE I&M welcomes all colleagues from the I&M field who might have interest in organizing a conference or planning for organizing a conference and can discuss with Conference Committee members to know more details regarding what a conference can gain by having technical/ financial sponsorship from Society. During the I2MTC 2018 conference, there will be a Society booth and the Conference Committee Members will be there waiting for you for discussion and to answer your questions. We also welcome I&M related industries and companies to consider becoming a conference patron and can visit the booth and discuss for future cooperation. I look forward to meeting you in Houston!

Chi Hung Hwang
VP of Conferences I&M Society

We hold numerous conferences throughout the year. Please refer to the I&M Conference listing to see a full listing.

For more information on any of the conferences, please contact Chi Hung Hwang, VP of Conferences for the I&M Society.

The 2018 IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) will be held 14-17 May 2018 in Houston, TX, USA. Learn more here.

Registration is now open!

We have the IEEE International Sensors and Measurement Systems Student Contest (IEEE IS&M-SC)! This international competition addresses Masters and Ph.D. students and aims to stimulate submissions of innovative ideas for applications in the area of sensors and measurement systems. For more information, please visit the website.

We have two expert Panel Discussions this year. You can find more information on the website:
Monday Expert Panel Session
Wednesday Expert Panel Session

On Wednesday morning (from 10:20 to 12:00) we will have the student panel discussion. Here we will listen presentations from young researchers who won I&M awards in the present and past years. This will serve as inspiration and starting point for discussion of measurement related topics that are of interest for young engineers and students of I&M. On Thursday afternoon (13:20 to 18:00), a technical visit to ABB and Eton headquarters will take place. We believe that such visit will give an interesting insight at industrial activities closely related to I&M topics and enrich the student experience at I2MTC.

The I2MTC Board received EIGHT bids for 2021, five of which are being considered. The decision will be made at the Board meeting in conjunction with the I2MTC 2018 in Houston. Stay tuned!

The 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements & Applications will be held 11-13 June 2018 in Rome, Italy. Visit the conference website for more information.

CIVEMSA 2018 (IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications) will be held 12-14 June 2018 in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

For more information, see the conference website.

The 2018 IEEE AUTOTESTCON will be held at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, USA on 17-20 September 2018.

AUTOTESTCON is the world's premier conference that brings together the military/aerospace automatic test industry and government/military acquirers and users to share new technologies, discuss innovative applications, and exhibit products and services. It is sponsored annually by IEEE.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

The 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio-Visual Environments and Games (HAVE) will be held on 20-21 September 2018 in Dalian, China.

Important Dates:
Paper Submission Deadline - 1 July 2018
Notification of Acceptance - 1 August 2018
Submission of Camera Ready Version - 15 August 2018
Registration - 31 August 2018
For more information, visit the conference website.

The 9TH IEEE International Workshop on Applied Measurements for Power Systems (AMPS) will be held on 26-28 September 2018 at the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

Important Dates:
Full Paper Submission - 21 May 2018
Paper Status Notifications - 18 June 2018
Final Camera-Ready Paper Submission - 16 July 2018

For more information, visit the conference website.

ISPCS 2018 will be held on 30 September - 5 October 2018 at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Important Dates:
Acceptance Notice & WIP Deadline - 28 May 2018
Final Papers Due - 23 July 2018

For more information, visit the conference website.

The2018 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST) will be held on 16-18 October 2018 at Krakow, Poland

Important Dates:
Initial Full Paper Deadline - 30 June 2018
Notification of Acceptance - 15 July 2018
Full Paper Deadline - 15 August 2018

For more information, visit the conference website.

Please note: the following I&M Society Technically Co-Sponsored Conferences are approaching.

5th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace (MetroAeroSpace)
Rome, Italy | 20-22 June 2018

2018 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
Paris, France | 8-13 July 2018

2018 IEEE International Flexible Electronics Technology Conference (IFETC)
Ottawa, ON, Canada | 7-9 August 2018

The International Symposium on Instrumentation Systems, Circuits and Transducers - INSCIT
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | 27-31 August 2018

1st International Symposium on Sensing and Instrumentation in IoT Era
Shanghai, China | 6-7 September 2018

Ninth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN 2018)
Nantes, France | 24-27 September 2018

Other Conferences of Interest:

2018 IEEE 1st 5G World Forum (G5WF'18)
Santa Clara, CA, USA | 9-11 July 2018

4th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE 2018)
Rome, Italy | 1-3 October 2018

Have a conference you would like advertised in the I&M Society Newsletter? Contact Judy Scharmann for details on how to have it included.


The I&M Society will be holding the annual Chapter Chairs Summit at the upcoming I2MTC 2018 conference in Houston. The meeting will be held on Monday, May 14 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm in the Royal Sonesta Hotel (Founders III Room).


IEEE International Sensors and Measurement Systems Student Contest
The 2nd edition of the IEEE International Sensors and Measurement Systems Student Contest is now open. Please see the Announcement and Call for Participation!

News from the DLP
The Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) is one of our most active programs. We have a cohort of Distinguished Lecturers who have been selected to represent our Society as experts in their field. Our DL's regularly visit IEEE Society Chapters (both our own I&M Chapters and Chapter of Societies with similar interests) and Universities, as well as serve as Conference Keynotes all over the world. DLP Events that are planned for 2018 so far include Keynote appearances by Prof. Jacob Scharcanski at the 2018 International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques and Prof. Andrew Taberner at the 2nd International Conference on Smart Sensors and Applications. Prof. O. Postolache visited the I&M Spain Chapter, and Profs. P. Girao, O. Postolache, and J. Scharcanski will make visits to a number of Universities for DL events. Learn more about how to request a DL for your upcoming event, or contact the DLP Chair, Dr. Kristen Donnell.

2018 Women in Instrumentation and Measurement (WIM) Panel at I2MTC
Each year at I2MTC, the WIM Panel is offered, providing a venue for discussion on topics including the history and influence of women in science, mentoring, gender bias and acceptance, and work life balance, amongst others. This will be the 8th year we have held the WIM Panel at I2MTC, and we are fortunate this year to have keynote speaker Dr. Elizabeth Orwin of Harvey Mudd College. We will also have Panelists from the IEEE Houston Women In Engineering (WIE), the Houston Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Kansas State University. The focus of the 2018 Panel is “Climate Change in the STEM Fields, and we are looking forward to discussion on the value of mentoring, networking, and advocacy and the positive changes such activities can facilitate in the lives of all (male and female) scientists and engineers. We hope to see you at the WIM Panel this year!


I&M has 20 different Technical Committees (TC). Our TCs define and implement the technical directions of the Society. As a fundamental element of the Society all members are invited and encouraged to participate in one or more of its technical committees. Please contact Ruqiang Yan, VP Technical and Standards Activities, at or any member of the Technical and Standards Activities Committee, if you are interested in membership in one or more of our TCs. You can also fill out the application form and send to the chair of a TC of interest. To view the complete list of TCs, visit our website.

The I&M Society Technical Panels will be holding a TC Chairs Meeting at the upcoming I2MTC 2018 conference in Houston. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 15 May from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm in the Royal Sonesta Hotel (Summit Room).


I&M recognizes Society members' technical achievements and innovations that have resulted in issued patents during the current calendar year. If you have already been issued a patent in 2016/2017 we would like to add it to the list. To do so please fill out the form
here and we will add the information to the website. In addition, if you are issued a patent in the future please use the same link to inform us and we will be happy to add it to the list as we intend to continuously update the information in this list.

To see the full list of 2018 I&M Officers, please click here.
To see the full list of I&M AdCom members, please click here.
To see the full list of additional AdCom appointments, please click here.

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