2nd Quarter 2020
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Welcome Message from I&M Society President

Dear IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Members:

This unexpected and unpredictable pandemic event has deeply changed our habits and, unfortunately, strongly impacted many lives. I hope that our members are staying healthy and passing through this COVID-19 event safely.


The health and safety of our volunteers and members is the number one concern and priority of our Society and of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement AdCom.

The IMS Executive Committee is working hard together with IEEE and all of our conference organizers to provide the best service to our authors and to our members. Our 2020 conferences have moved to virtual platforms, allowing for the presentation of papers to the community while ensuring that all participants are able to keep themselves and their loved ones safe at home. This will be different than many of us are used to, but different doesn’t necessarily mean worse. This will be the case for us.

We are taking this unfortunate event as an opportunity to learn about and gain experience in new ways to serve our members in this increasingly global world. We will certainly be back as soon as possible with in-person conferences and meetings; nothing can substitute the person-to-person interaction that is the foundation for intercultural exchange and common growth. But the possibility of a more flexible, and even sometimes more efficient structure, initiated by this force majeure circumstance will be a great lesson learned.

To keep you up-to-date, we are regularly updating this page with conference news as it comes in. Please visit individual conference websites for conference-specific details.

Wishing you the very best,

Salvo Baglio
President of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

Benefit of I&M Membership
As our mission statement says, the Instrumentation and Measurement Society Administrative Committee strives to “provide the most comprehensive and high-quality services to our members and related professionals.” The I&M Society has a wide range of activities and benefits to offer our members. These are detailed on our website highlighting the available services and products.

There also are many opportunities for our members to become involved in volunteer leadership positions that help promote the instrumentation and measurement profession. We invite you to become involved today!
Meet the AdCom

Juan Manuel Ramirez, Your 2020 IMS Executive

Follow the link below to read Juan's interview.

"When the accelerated rhythm of the modern times allows it, I remember the gentle voice of my grandfather putting in naïve words his simple, candid, but very powerful wisdom in the form of popular sayings. In my stubborn youth, I did not fully appreciate his efforts arising from the most genuine love, but now I frequently find myself listening to his words: “using force not even the shoes fit,” “judge others as you wish to be judged,” “good face to bad times,” among others." 

I&M Awards
Award winners who would have been recognized at I2MTC 2020:
Andy Chi Best Paper Award

Design and Evaluation of a Fast, High-Resolution Sensor Evaluation Platform Applied to MEMS Position Sensing and Erratum
Lisa-Marie Faller; Tobias Mitterer; Juliana Padilha Leitzke; Hubert Zangl
Alpen-Adria-Universität, Austria
Best Application in I&M

Mathias Bonmarin
Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW), Switzerland

For using lock-in thermal imaging to investigate stimuli-responsive nanoparticles in complex environments.
Distinguished Service Award

Mark Yeary
University of Oklahoma, United States

For distinguished service to the I&M Society as TC Chair, VP Publications, VP Conferences, and Chair of the Fellows Coordination Committee. His leadership within and outside our society has been crucial to our success.
IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award

Dario Petri
University of Trento, Italy 

For contributions to measurement fundamentals and signal processing techniques in instrumentation and measurement.
J. Barry Oakes Advancement Award

Lijuan Wang
University of Kent, United Kingdom  

For contributions to the development of soft computing models for multiphase flow measurement.
Outstanding Young Engineer

Datong Liu 
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

For intelligent system diagnostic, prognostic, and health management.
Technical Award

Ruqiang Yan
Southeast University, China

For significant contributions to energy efficient sensing and advanced data analytics.
Outstanding Technical Committee Award

TC-37: Measurements and Networking
Chair: Domenico Capriglione

Career Excellence Award
Not awarded for 2019
Call for Award Nominations
The IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society (I&M) is soliciting nominations for its Society and other Awards. To view the full detailed listing of each award please visit our Awards page on the website.

Award Nomination due by 1 August 2020:

Career Excellence Award
Details | Nomination Form

Distinguished Service Award
Details | Nomination Form

J. Barry Oakes Award
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Outstanding Young Engineer Award
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Technical Award
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I&M Membership News
Newly Approved IEEE Harbin Section Instrumentation and Measurement Society Chapter
Mainly based in the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), the IEEE Harbin Section Instrumentation and Measurement Chapter serves faculty, students, engineers, and scholars interested in instrumentation and measurement. The Harbin Chapter is dedicated to promoting international scientific research, moving international research forward, and providing opportunities for young professionals.

I&M Publications News
Publishing is one of the best methods for researchers to spread the good news about their innovative research. The IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) is dedicated to this goal, and the leadership of TIM and the Instrumentation & Measurement Society’s Administrative Committee is working diligently to ensure that submitting papers is as efficient as possible for authors, reviewers, and the editorial team. As such, beginning in 2020, TIM will be supported by a new internet-based platform known as PeerTrack™, which is a modern manuscript submission and peer review management website. Allen Press’ PeerTrack™ is based on the industry-leading Aries Editorial Manager platform and provides journals, books, reference works and other scholarly publications an intuitive, cloud-based system for managing manuscript submissions and peer review. Consequently, it will be perfect for TIM beginning in 2020 and in the years to come. As always, authors are encouraged to visit the Society website and navigate to the Authors tab for submitting your next manuscript!

IEEE TIM is the Number 1 Journal in the Area of General Instrumentation and Measurement

TIM has been ranked number one in general instrumentation and measurement in terms of Impact Factor without Self-Cites! For more information on TIM, click here!

IEEE TIM Top Cited and Downloaded Papers

To view the top cited and accessed IEEE TIM Papers, click here.

IEEE TIM Survey/Review papers
Do you want to get an up-to-date and comprehensive tutorial with in-depth analysis on a specific I&M topic? Then check out TIM's Survey/Review papers. These are references that can bring up to speed researchers, for example graduate students who want to start research in their thesis topic, relatively quickly and conveniently in one reading. Here is the list of all TIM Survey papers.

I&M Education News
The Instrumentation and Measurement Society is working with IEEE Press and Wiley to develop book topics relevant to the Society through a liaison program. IMS members are invited to publish books relevant to instrumentation and/or measurement through this program, which does not affect the author's share of the book sale revenue. Interested individuals: Please contact either Professor Zheng Liu (zheng.liu@ubc.ca) or Professor Octavia Dobre (odobre@mun.ca) for details.
I&M Society Video Tutorial Program
The I&M Society is developing its own Video Tutorial Program as part of its Educational activity. We are proposing videos on relevant and important topics of interest to the I&M community. A Video Tutorial lasts about twenty minutes and is intended to capture the interest of the viewer to the topic. Videos are classified as belonging to the Expert or Classroom series. Video Tutorials of the Expert series are authored by someone who is recognized as an expert (academician or practitioner) in his/her field, while a Classroom series Video Tutorial is one typically authored by a graduate student and may be geared more towards specific measurement or instrumentation skills and/or classroom-based lecture topics. The I&M Society also offers the opportunity to earn CEU/PDH credits.

Recording a video provides a great opportunity to both reach a large audience and give a relevant contribution to the instrumentation and measurement culture. We are looking for Video Tutorial proposals which can enrich the offerings and the significance of the portfolio.
For more information, please see our website. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Salvatore Graziani, the Editor-in-Chief of the Video Tutorials Program.
IMS Technical eLearning Library
The premier collection of online continuing education courses for technical professionals.
I&M Conference Calendar
The I&M Society is monitoring the fluid situation due to COVID-19 and its impact on I&M Society conferences. Please see below for the most current information as of 13 May 2020, and refer to our website or individual conference websites for up-to-date information.
We hold numerous workshops throughout the year. Please refer to the Conference Listing to see a full listing.
For more information on any of the conferences, please contact Gourab Sen Gupta, VP of Conferences for the I&M Society.
Moving to Virtual Format
I2MTC 2020 (IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference)
After studying and evaluating the recent announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, we are sorry to announce that I2MTC 2020, scheduled to be held 25-28 May, 2020 in Dubrovnik, Croatia will no longer be held at the Valamar Lacroma Hotel.

In order to accommodate our authors, I2MTC will be providing a platform for accepted authors to upload a presentation about their work. These presentations will then be available to all paid attendees and will allow accepted authors to be published in IEEE Xplore.
Moving to Virtual Format
MeMeA 2020 (IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements & Applications)
After studying and evaluating the recent announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, we are sorry to announce that MeMeA 2020, scheduled to be held 1-3 June, 2020 in Bari, Italy will no longer be held at the Villa Romanazzi.

Alternatively, we are thrilled to announce that the MeMeA organizing committee is working diligently with the IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events team to develop a virtual meeting platform for all published authors.
Moving to Virtual Format
IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications (CIVEMSA 2020)
After studying and evaluating the recent announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, we are sorry to announce that CIVEMSA 2020, scheduled to be held 22-24 June, 2020 will no longer take place in person.

Alternatively, we are excited to announce that the CIVEMSA organizing committee is working diligently to provide a virtual conference on the original conference dates.
Going on as Planned
IEEE International Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control, and Communication (ISPCS 2020)
The IEEE ISPCS 2020 Conference is still scheduled to be held as planned, beginning 4 October.

The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. We will continue to monitor official travel advisories related to the Corona Virus and update the event website to keep you informed.
IEEE International Symposium on Robotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE 2020)
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, and to ensure the safety of our members and participants, it has been decided to cancel ROSE 2020. We would like to thank you for your loyalty to ROSE and we hope to see you in 2021.
The Board of Directors of IEEE AUTOTESTCON and the IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2020 Organizing Committee regret to inform our loyal authors, attendees and exhibitors that IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2020, scheduled for 24-27 August, 2020 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor (Oxon Hill) Maryland is hereby canceled.
IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems & Techniques (IST 2020)
The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. Please know that our thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. After studying and evaluating the recent announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, we are sorry to announce that IST 2020, scheduled to be held November 10-12, 2020 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is postponed until June 22-24, 2021. 
IEEE International Workshop on Applied Measurements for Power Systems (AMPS 2020)
The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. After considering the recent announcements, guidance, and news released by relevant national departments, including restrictions being placed on group gatherings, we are sorry to announce that AMPS 2020, scheduled to be held 23-25 September, 2020 in Cagliari, Italy, is postponed until 2021.
The site for the 2021 IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) has now been selected! The 2021 Conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. Stay tuned for more information.

The site for the 2022 IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) has now been selected! The 2022 Conference will be held in Ottawa, Canada. Stay tuned for more information.
Technically Co-Sponsored Conference Listing
2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace

After studying and evaluating the recent announcements, news, relevant National Departments guidelines and restrictions on travels and group gatherings, we are sorry to announce that IEEE MetroAeroSpace 2020, scheduled to be held 22-24 June, 2020 in Pisa, Italy will no longer be held there. An electronic virtual conference will be organized.

2021 IEEE Second International Conference on Control, Measurement and Instrumentation (CMI)

Held in Kolkata, India on 8-10 January 2021

IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Synchronized Measurements and Analytics 2021 (IEEE SGSMA 2021)

Held in Split, Croatia on 25-27 May 2021

Call for Papers - Paper submission opens on 1 June 2020

Have a conference you would like advertised in the I&M Society Newsletter? Contact Judy Scharmann for details on how to have it included.
I&M Technical Committee News
Call for Participation in Technical Committees
I&M has 20 different Technical Committees (TCs). Our TCs define and implement the technical directions of the Society. As a fundamental element of the Society all members are invited and encouraged to participate in one or more of its technical committees. Please contact Ruqiang Yan, VP Technical and Standards Activities, at yanruqiang@xjtu.edu.cn or any member of the Technical and Standards Activities Committee, if you are interested in membership in one or more of our TCs. You can also complete the application form and send to the chair of the TC you're interested in. To view the complete list of TCs, visit our website.
Recognition of Technical Achievements and Innovations – Announcement of Issued Patents
We would like to recognize I&M Society members’ technical achievements and innovations that have resulted in issued patents during the current calendar year. If you have already been issued a patent in 2016, we wish to add it to the list. To do so please fill out the form here and we will add the information to the website. In addition, if you are issued a patent in the future please use the same link to inform us and we will be happy to add it to the list as we intend to continuously update the information in this list.
Attention Book Authors
Advertise your book on the I&M website! The Instrumentation and Measurement Society would like to provide a list of book titles written by I&M authors on the I&M website. The Society believes that books are an excellent avenue to disseminate the most advanced state-of-the art within and outside of the community and that the website will help to spread the good news about the hard work of the authors. The guidance below will govern which titles will be displayed. We look forward to your contributions! Visit our website for terms and guidelines.
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine

The latest issue of IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Feb 2017 IEEE I&M Magazine
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IEEE Senior Membership
IEEE Senior Membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and requires experience reflecting professional maturity. Candidates need to be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years.

An application for Senior Membership requires three references unless nominated by a Senior member, and in that case requires two references.