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IEEE IAS Newsletter
July 2018
In this issue
  • 2019 IEEE Field Awards
  • 2018 IEEE/IAS - PCIC Conference
  • In memoriam - Dr. M. A. Rahman
  • Overlength Page Charges
  • Call for Web-Based Tutorials
  • IEEE Smart Grid Deadlines
  • IAS Chapters and Membership Department (CMD) Roster
  • 2018 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference
  • IEEE Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems Conference
  • Offering for IAS Members
  • Introducing IAS Fall 2018 Webinar Schedule
  • 2018 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
  • IAS Standards for Data Center Gray Space
  • International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid 2018
  • IAS Society Level Awards for 2018
  • IAS Conference Calendar
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IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
All subscribers can access the online version of these publications using their IEEE Account.

The current issue of IEEE Industry Applications Magazine is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

Image of IEEE IAS Magazine

Feature articles in this issue include:
  • "Energy Efficiency in California Cement Plants: Energy Savings Potential Realized by Accessing Utility Energy-Efficiency Program Resources"
  • "Bearing Health Diagnosed with a Mobile Phone: Acoustic Signal Measurements Can be Used to Test for Structural Faults in Motors"
  • "Costs Dive with Tailored Planning: Shared and Unique Content in Aviation Protection Plans Provide Economic Efficiency"
  • "Industrial Lighting: A Holistic Approach Using Light-Emitting Diode Technology"
  • "Tweaking Light-Emitting Diodes: A Multiobjective Optimal Design for New Luminaires"

The current issue of IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

Image of IEEE Trans on IAS

Feature articles in this issue include:
  • "Optimal Scheduling and Operation of the ESS for Prosumer Market Environment in Grid-Connected Industrial Complex"
  • "Sustainable Industrial Plants: Energy-Efficient, Asset-Aware, and Waste-Averse"
  • "Stability Analysis of a Microgrid System With a Hybrid Offshore Wind and Ocean Energy Farm Fed to a Power Grid Through an HVDC Link"
  • "Design and Control of Microgrid Fed by Renewable Energy Generating Sources"
  • "An Adaptive Algorithm Based on Subharmonic and Time Domain Analysis to Prevent Mal Operation of Overcurrent Relay During Subsynchronous Resonance"

Volunteer Opportunities
IAS is seeking qualified volunteers to work on publications, committees, and conferences. Please submit an inquiry by filling out a volunteer application on the IAS website.

IEEE Senior Membership
IEEE Senior membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and requires experience reflecting professional maturity. Candidates need to be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years.

An application for Senior membership requires three references unless nominated by a Senior member, and in that case requires two references.

Congratulations to the elected IAS Senior members for 2018.

IAS Distinguished Lecturer Program
The IAS Distinguished Lecturer (DL) and Prominent Lecturer (PL) Program allows Chapters to invite experts to visit Chapter events and give lectures. It is a great opportunity to have direct contact with the best researchers and industrial experts in our field.

The DL and PL lecturers can be reimbursed by IAS US$1,000 and US$600 per lecture travel. The monetary support of travel invitations is limited to three lectures per year.

For more information, visit our website.

Join the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community
Transportation Electrification icon
IAS is a sponsoring society of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC). The TEC coordinates broad and deep activities throughout IEEE in the growing electrification revolution across transportation domains, including advances in electric and hybrid cars, more-electric ships and aircraft, rail systems, personal transport, and the motive, storage, power grid, electronic intelligence, and control technologies that make them possible.

The Community delivers engagement through leadership opportunities, professional development, standards development, and other programming for practitioners, researchers, students, and all IEEE members interested in electric transportation.

It is free to join.

As a TEC member, you will enjoy a discount on some excellent online tutorials on machines, fuel cells, batteries, and other topics.


IEEE Industry Applications Society Newsletter
July18 photo
North East Michigan IAS Chapter hosted distinguished lecturer Dr. Akshay Kumar Rathore. IAS Chapters are encouraged to apply to host IAS Distinguished Lecturers.

Thank you for reading this issue of the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Newsletter. If you have IAS-specific news to share with your IAS colleagues please send us an email for possible future publication in an upcoming newsletter.

2019 IEEE Field Awards
Congratulations to the following IAS Members for being recognized at the IEEE level for their contributions:

SUSUMU TADAKUMA (Life Fellow, IEEE)-Former Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology, Chiba, Japan
Citation: "For pioneering contributions to high-power converters and drives for high-speed- train and industrial applications."

TOMY SEBASTIAN (Fellow, IEEE)-Halla Mechatronics, Director of Motor Drive Systems, Bay City, Michigan, United States
Citation: "For contributions to the design and application of high-performance permanent magnet synchronous machines to electric power steering."

HAO HUANG (Fellow, IEEE)-Technology Chief, General Electric Aviation, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Citation: "For contributions to aircraft electrification."

2018 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
The next IAS Annual Meeting will be held in Portland, OR, USA (Oregon Convention Center) 23-27 September 2018. Once again the IAS Annual Meeting will be co-located with the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE). ECCE celebrates its tenth anniversary this year!

All indications show that this year's conference will be a success.

Nearly 300 papers have been accept for oral and poster presentations.
  • Five high-quality tutorials are proposed to the attendees
  • Five high-level plenary speakers will open Annual Meeting (AM) and ECCE jointly Monday morning
  • CMD event will bring 120 students that will interact with experimented engineers and researchers
  • ECCE exposition is open to AM-18 attendees without additional fee.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Authors with accepted papers must submit their final manuscripts to ScholarOne by 15 July. NO EXTENSION OF THIS DEADLINE IS POSSIBLE.

The conference registration page and Hotel reservation is now open. Early registration and special hotel rates ends 1 September 2018.

Visit our web page to learn more about the conference.
2018 IEEE/IAS - PCIC Conference
PCIC logo
The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference (PCIC) is the premier conference for practicing electrical engineers and other professionals that deals with electrical installations in the oil and gas industry. It is highly regarded for providing top-quality papers on a variety of relevant subjects aimed at the all-important electrical industry.

The 2018 PCIC Conference will be held 24-27 September 2018 in Cincinnati, OH, USA.

To learn more about PCIC 2018, you can visit our website or view the conference newsletter.

View the 2019 call for abstracts.

In memoriam - Dr. M. A. Rahman
The Industry Applications Society is sad to report the passing of Dr. M.A. Rahman. He joined the IEEE in 1968 as a student member and was a Life Fellow at the time of his death earlier this month. Dr. Rahman had a very decorated career, having won a number of major professional awards. He was awarded the GE Centennial Invention Disclosure Award in 1978, IEEE Outstanding Students Counselor's Award in 1980, IEEE Notable Service Award for contributions in IEEE and Engineering Professions in 1987 and the IEEE Industry Application Society's Outstanding Achievement Award in 1992. In 1994, Dr. Rahman won the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland Merit Award, followed by the IEEE Canada Outstanding Engineering Educator's Medal in 1996. He was presented with the IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000, the IEEE Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award from PES in 2003, the IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award in 2004 and the Khwarizmi International Award in 2005. In 2007 Dr. Rahman was awarded the IEEE Dr. Ing Eugene Mittelmann Outstanding Award from Industrial Electronics Society, along with the IEEE Richard H. Kaufmann Technical Field Award. In 2008 he received the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Distinguished Service Award and the A.D. Dunton Distinguished Alumni Award of Carleton University.

In February 2011, Dr. Rahman was presented with the prestigious Gold Medal by The Institution of Engineers (IEB) in Bangladesh.

On 22 March 2012, Dr. Rahman was awarded the Prince Albert II Medal at the seventh Exposition and Conferences Internationales Vehicules Ecologiques and Energies Renouvelables (International Conference and Exhibition on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies) in Monaco.

Dr. Rahman's research interests have been broad throughout his career. Most recently, his research focused on machines, intelligent controls, power systems, digital protection, power electronics, magnetic materials and wireless communication.

He published 757 papers including 196 IEEE Transactions papers, eleven patents and two books. He also contributed ten chapters for other research and academic publications. In 2011 Dr. Rahman co-authored his first book, entitled "An Introduction to Wavelet Modulated Inverters."

Dr. Rahman was born in Santahar, Bangladesh on 9 January 1941. He received a B. Sc. Degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, a M. A. Sc. from the University of Toronto and a PhD. degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, all in Electrical Engineering in 1962, 1965 and 1968 respectively.

In 1962 he joined BUET as a lecturer and was promoted to full professor in 1975. He has been a visiting professor and research fellow at the Imperial College in London, Technical University of Eindhoven, University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, Nanyang Technological University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Hong Kong, Tokyo University of Science and University of Malaya.

Dr. Rahman was a registered professional engineer in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in Japan, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom, a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, a Life Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh, a Life Fellow of the IEEE., a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Overlength Page Charges Coming Into Effect
At its October 2017 meeting, the IAS Executive Board adopted a policy to impose an overlength charge on exceptionally long papers published in IEEE Industry Applications Magazine (M-IA) and IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications (T-IA). Here are some details on how that practice will be implemented:
  • The target maximum length of papers published in M-IA and T-IA is nine pages.
  • For exceptionally long papers, a mandatory overlength charge will be determined at the time the page proof is approved for publication, and an invoice for that amount will be sent to the corresponding author.
  • The overlength charge will be calculated at the rate of US$120 per page for pages 11 and above of the final manuscript as formatted for publication M-IA and T-IA. Note that there will be a one-page margin between the target maximum length and the length at which the overlength charge will apply.
  • This overlength policy will apply to papers published in M-IA and T-IA beginning with the January/February 2019 issues. Authors should understand that papers submitted for review in 2018 and subsequently approved for publication may not actually be published until after this overlength policy takes effect.
Call for Web-based Tutorials
The IAS Education Department is developing a tutorial program that will appeal to a broad audience, depending upon their experience, discipline and responsibilities. The tutorial program is intended to provide all attendees with an opportunity to enhance the education of the professional working in the field of industry applications of electrical engineering. Both experienced and early-career engineers can benefit from the tutorials, either by updating or renewing their knowledge base or by accelerating their learning process on new topics. The tutorials should provide value to practicing engineers through a combination of theory with applications and practical solutions. The topics can range from broad to narrow in scope and can vary from introductory, intermediate or advanced in technical level. The tutorials will be arranged in one hour modules and can accommodate an introductory to the more advanced presentation in several modules up to a maximum of five modules per topic. Each module of the tutorial must have an interactive Q&A segment for self-evaluation of learning by the attendee.

The tutorials will be available in the IAS Resource Center. Compensation for tutorial speakers includes an honorarium of US$1000. In the case of multiple speakers for one tutorial, the honorarium may be shared among the speakers.

The success of the tutorial will be evaluated by collecting data on the number of tutorial attendees, tutorial revenues, attendees' comments and other relevant information. A survey for tutorial attendees will be carried out to evaluate the attendees’ satisfaction with the tutorial. This information will be shared with the tutorial speaker to allow him/her to improve future versions.

Preparation of Proposals:

Tutorial proposals should be submitted as a digest containing the title, abstract (no more than 500 words), outline, contact information and a short bio of the speaker(s) and other relevant information requested in the Tutorial Information Form, which can be downloaded on our website. The speaker bio should describe the qualifications for presenting the proposed tutorial including the work and publications that are most relevant to the proposal. All tutorial proposals will be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the matter. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended to submit a draft version of a section of the tutorial slides. Review results will be shared with the speaker to allow for further improvement of the tutorial.

Submission Procedure:
Speaker(s) should fill out the Tutorial Information Form and submit it together with a draft of the presentation slides to the IAS Tutorial Committee Chair.

The tutorial proposal will be sent for peer review
Speakers will record presentations with the assistance of IAS staff
Presentation videos and Q&A modules will be uploaded into IAS Resource Center

For additional information and submission, please contact the Web-based Tutorial Committee Chair, Marcos Alonso at

IEEE Smart Grid - 2018 Dates/Deadlines
IAS Chapters and Membership Department (CMD) Roster
The IAS Chapters and Membership Department announces the 2018-2019 Chapter Area Chairs for all ten IEEE Regions. The full roster with contact information available on our website.

2018 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2)
The 4th annual IEEE International Smart Cities Conference is the flagship conference sponsored by the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative. ISC2 2018 will bring together researchers and practitioners in a collaborative smart cities discussion, including scholars, citizens, policy makers, administrators, infrastructure operators, industry representatives, economists, sociologists and academicians. Technical exchanges within the research community will encompass panels, plenary talks, technical sessions, tutorials, and exhibitions. The conference theme is "Systems Approach for Smarter Communities" that address the complex interplay between our technology systems and our service delivery systems.

The IEEE ISC2 will contribute to further develop technical best practices across broad application and functional domains within the context of urban infrastructure systems, and disseminate them to the broad stakeholders.

Prospective authors are encouraged to contribute high-quality original full or short papers to this conference. All submitted papers must be unpublished and not considered elsewhere for publication. The papers should be written in English and formatted according to IEEE template. Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other abstracting and indexing databases.

All submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed by at least three program committee members. Accepted papers with confirmed presentation will appear in the conference proceedings. The overall Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards will be given and recognized during the conference.

IEEE Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES) Call for Papers
IEEE Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES) is a biennial conference that will be hosted at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madrasin Chennai in Chennai, India from 18-21 December 2018.

The conference will feature industry sessions, keynotes and special sessions. The conference is themed towards Electric Vehicles on 19 Dec, Renewable Power on 20 Dec and Industrial Drives on 21 Dec. Keynote talks, Industry sessions and Special Sessions are planned on all three days focusing on the respective theme areas. Tutorials from leading researchers/industry are planned on 18 Dec.

Offering for IAS Members
IAS Resource Center

In an effort to increase member benefits, IAS has created the IAS Resource Center. The Resource Center houses technical information such as webinars, slides and white papers. IAS members may sign in using their IEEE Account to access this information free of charge. Anyone that is not an active member of IAS will be charged a fee to access this information.

If there is information that you would like to see in the Resource Center, please send an email to

Introducing IAS Fall 2018 Webinar Schedule
16 September 2018
Snubberless Naturally Clamped Soft-switching Bidirectional Current-fed Converters presented by Akshay Rathore

Registration Link

17 October 2018
Contemporary Developments and Issues Concerning Lighting Technology
presented by Ray-Lee Lin

Registration Link:
IAS Standards for Data Center Gray Space
IEEE’s vision is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. The Data Center market segment is one of the largest and fastest growing industry segments in the world economy.

The Industry Application Society (IAS) of the IEEE recently formed a Data Center subcommittee under the direction of the Codes and Standards Committee of the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) Department. The charter of this subcommittee is to support this important industry and provide leadership and coordinate electrical power distribution standards. This subcommittee will focus on writing standards for design, operation, and maintenance of electrical equipment in the "gray space."

White space is normally understood to mean as the space "inside the box" for computers, servers, architecture and network gear i.e. equipment containing propriety information for storing, navigating and accessing the stored data.

Gray space includes electrical support distribution and equipment outside the "white space." This includes switchgear, transformers, equipment for normal and backup power supplies and energy storage devices such as batteries and generators. This is normally a non-propriety equipment and a design that is common to most data centers.

The first meeting of this subcommittee was successfully held at the (I&CPS) annual meeting in Niagara Falls, Canada 9 May 2018. The meeting was held as a brain storming session and to establish scope of the subcommittee. We are happy to announce that a second Data Center Subcommittee meeting will be held during the 2018 IAS Annual Meeting in Portland, OR. The goal of this meeting is to build on the ideas generated at the May meeting and to review and updated the mission, vision and core charter of this new IAS I&CPS subcommittee in support of the vibrant data center industry.

This meeting will take place during the co-located IEEE IAS Annual Meeting and the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, so please plan to attend the technical sessions and take advantage of networking and learning opportunities via several speakers offering technical presentations. To kick off this exciting new initiative, we are fortunate to have Sean James of Microsoft speaking during the conference opening plenary session on Sunday evening 23 September 2018. Mr. James will join us during the IAS Data Center Subcommittee meeting which will begin on Monday evening at 6pm.

If you have questions or would like to become a charter member of our new IEEE IAS data center subcommittee, please contact the current subcommittee co-chairs Tom Johnson or Daleep Mohla. We look forward to seeing you in Portland this coming September.

The next Data Center Subcommittee meeting will be held in conjunction with IAS Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during the first week of May 2019. Please contact Dale Tardiff, chair of 2020 I&CPS conference, and Rasheek Rifaat for additional information on 2019 Conference.

Please mark your calendars now to attend IAS conference in September 2019 and I&CPS conference in May 2020 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to be a part of standards for the data center industry.
International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid 2018
By Yu-Chen Liu and Katherine A. Kim

This year the 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid (IGBSG) was held on April 22-25 in Yilan, Taiwan, on the campus of National Ilan University. It was organized by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Ilan University, and sponsored by IEEE IAS, the IEEE IAs/IES/EMC/CIS Taipei chapters, and the Taiwan Power Electronics Association. IGBSG is an annual conference that provides a forum for presenting and discussing the most recent developments in green building technologies, covering a wide range of disciplines. The six plenary talks covered various topics, including electronics energy efficiency, dc microgrids, energy policy, and even deep learning in biomedical applications. There was also a session on career development and IEEE activities for young professionals led by Prof. Wei-Jen Lee, Professor at University of Texas at Arlington and IAS Vice President, which drew great interest from the conference attendees.

IAS Overall, there were 120 attendees from thirteen different countries, with 50 technical presentations and 34 technical posters presented at IGBSG 218. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference led to rich discussion and exchange of ideas among academia, industry, and government agencies during both technical sessions and social events. It was a great success in bringing together and cultivating collaboration between experts in green building technologies. Next year, IGBSG 2019 will be held in China Three Gorges University in Yichang, China. Those interested in learning about or contributing to the area of intelligent green buildings and smart grids are invited to attend. IAS
IAS Society Level Awards for 2018
Outstanding Achievement Award
Dr. Dianguo Xu, Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Distinguished Service Award
Mr. John P. Nelson, Founder & CEO of NEI Electric Power Engineering, Inc.

Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award
Dr. Pinjia Zhang, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Outstanding Young Member Service Award
Mr. Richard Cselko, Assistant lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Awards Ceremony will take place at the 2018 IAS Annual Meeting, 23-27 September 2018, in Portland, OR, USA, co-located with the 2018 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE).

Congratulations to all the winners!
IAS Conference Calendar
We hold numerous conferences/workshops throughout the year. Please refer to the IAS Conference website for a full listing.

2018 IEEE 18th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (PEMC)
26-30 August 2018
Budapest, Hungary

2018 XIII International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM)
3-6 September 2018
Alexandroupoli, Greece

2018 IEEE 9th International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives (SLED)
13-14 September 2018
Helsinki, Finland

2018 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)
23-27 September 2018
Portland, OR, USA

2018 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting (IAS)
23-27 September 2018
Portland, OR, USA

2018 IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference (PCIC)
24-26 September 2018
Cincinnati, OH USA

2018 21st International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)
7-10 October 2018
Jeju-si, Korea (South)

2018 7th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA)
14-17 October 2018
Paris, France

2018 International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (INDEL)
1-3 November 2018
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018 IEEE 59th International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTUCON)
12-14 November 2018
Riga, Latvia

2018 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES)
18-21 December 2018
Chennai, India

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