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In this year’s IEEE election, Prof. Al-Haddad has been elected as IEEE Division VI Director (a technical division of IEEE, in charge of the Education, IES, PSE, PCS, RS, SSIT and TEMS Societies). A well-deserved recognition for a long-term prominent member of our Industrial Electronics Society, the IEEE IES President from 2016 to 2017, a winner of two IES awards, an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and an IES Distinguished Lecturer. Congratulations to him!


According to JCR 2021 report, the Impact Factors (IFs) are 10.215 for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII), 8.236 for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE) and 6.625 for IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine (IEM). These excellent results are due to the hard work, dedication, commitment, sincerity and inclusiveness of Authors, Reviewers, Associate Editors, Editors, Co-EICs and EICs towards IES publications. Congratulations to all!


Thanks to all the members who have already answered the survey! For those who didn’t, please take this opportunity to give your feedback on our new journals and on recent changes of existing ones. Your ideas will help us adapt to the changing demands of our technical fields and to your needs as readers and authors. Filling this anonymous questionnaire should only take about 10 minutes, thank you for your valuable support.


The Industrial Electronics Society (IES) in its recent approach to outreach to professional engineers and students around the world has been met with a positive appreciation manifested in the rapid growth of membership. We reached now more than 10,000 valuable members, 98 Chapters and 47 Student Branches! Our Society gratefully acknowledges the membership team’s coordinated efforts!


In this interview, Prof. Yousef Ibrahim talks about his professional role as a professor, but also as an honorary Ambassador of Victoria. He shares about his career and his vision for the Membership Development at IEEE IES, as well as some good advice for young researchers. You might discover that Yousef also has other interests in life. Read this first IES interview of the kind, and stay tuned… because we will soon introduce other officers!


The 31th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE) will be held 1-3 June 2022, in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. ISIE 2022 is currently planned as a hybrid event, combining physical and virtual sessions. The symposium will offer you a great opportunity to engage in state-of-the-art research, meet old friends and make new friends, all in Alaska. One of the most fascinating hidden gems of North America.


The IEEE IES Technical Committee on Electronic Systems on Chip (ESOC) aims to promote professional activities in the area of low power electronics used in the modern industry, with an important focus on the design, development, simulation, verification and testing of digital and analogue circuits integrated as Systems on Programmable Chips, targeting Field Programmable Gate Arrays / Application Specific Integrated Circuits for implementation, and including the use of Hardware Description Languages or high level programming languages hardware compilers, as well as embedded electronic systems and associated software.


Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are perceived as the pivotal enabler for a new era of real-time Internet-based control and communication and collaboration among value-chain participants. The utilization of CPS in industrial settings enables large-scale cooperation in industrial facilities and among all stakeholders of the value chain. The Technical Committee on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (TC-ICPS) aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange their latest achievements and to identify critical issues and challenges for future investigation on life-cycle engineering, control, management, operation, and optimization of CPSs for industrial applications. People are welcome to join TC-ICPS to explore new opportunities.


The future of power conversion at low-to-medium voltages (around 650 V) poses a very interesting debate. In this review article, the conduction losses, switching losses, body diode performance, avalanche ruggedness and gate oxide reliability are studied for different technologies, such as SiC MOSFETs, Cascode-driven WBG FETs, silicon super-junction MOSFETs, GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), etc.


The main purpose of this paper is to provide a generic overview of the challenges and existing techniques available in literature to mitigate the voltage and frequency (V-f) fluctuations at the Grid of microgrids (MGs) point of common coupling (PCC) and that of the utility grid; during the transition process. This paper aims at motivating the development of advanced control schemes in this area of MG related research.



By Yang Shi (University of Victoria, Canada) - 19 August 2021

This webinar summarizes the major industrial requirements and challenges to innovate in designing, implementing, deploying and operating Cyber-physical systems (CPS). An integrated robust Model predictive control (MPC) framework and the cloud-based MPC and some application examples are also presented. 


By Michael Short (Teesside University, UK) - 24 August 2021

This webinar outlines innovative and disruptive services for energy conversion, management and control and involving several funded research and innovation projects. The talk presents practical results from case studies related to dispatch of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, domestic Smart Appliances, Offshore Wind Turbines and also commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) loads.

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