Member eNewsletter - November 2021

IEEE IES Administration Committee recently elected new officers and members at large. Click "Read more" to discover the names and roles of the benevolent members that will build the future of our Society starting from 2022.


This special section aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and government to present the advanced modeling, monitoring and control techniques related to faults in electric vehicle powertrain components and systems.

Submit your work to this special section, organized by: Dr. Lakshmi Varaha Iyer, Prof. Chunyan Lai, Prof. Guodong Feng and Prof. Deepak Ronanki.


On 23-24 October, IES AdCom convened. 5 officers, 9 members at large, 4 cluster delegates and 15 TC chairs were elected, and new projects were approved. Click below to read about the projects discussed for the future of IES, and discover the 3-minute promotion video for the 70th anniversary of IES.


We had the great pleasure to talk with Prof. Roberto Oboe about his role as the Vice President for Technical Activities at IEEE IES, but not only.

You will discover some inspiring aspects of his career and personal life - greatly influenced by Japanese culture. Please enjoy the ride with this driven, but "not-so-serious," professor!


The IEEE-IES Technical Committee (TC) on Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSIA) focuses on various aspects and technologies to assess and/or increase resilience and security of industrial applications. Applications range from national critical infrastructure such as power/energy and transportation systems, to micro- and nano-grids (e.g., home energy management), to devices such as energy storages, smart sensors, actuators, and controllers. This is a highly interdisciplinary TC and we often collaborate with other IES TCs to promote technical activities and support IES's conferences, journals, events and even contribute to the definition of new standards. You are welcome to join our TC and get involved.


IEEE-IES Technical Committee on Motion Control (TCMC) works with cutting-edge developments and applications of the motion control theory and technologies. Motion control is in the core of multiple industrial, service, and transportation products and applications. And wherever an actuated motion takes place in machines, mechanisms, and components, either an accurate and well-adjustable motion or force tracking, or even a combination of both, are demanded from the control systems. The field of research activities and topics of TCMC encompass: advanced control in robotics and mechatronics; force control, haptics and tactile HMIs; automotive and vehicular motion systems; hybrid, discrete and adaptive motion regulators and others. TCMC is traditionally active and leading in organizing the AMC and ICM conference series of IEEE-IES. We always involve the next-generation and early-stage researchers and welcome new contributing experts working with the motion control.


In this article, a simple but effective simulator is developed as the training environment of the edge computing based service provisioning system. Then a trained resource allocating policy with the help of the reinforcement learning method is applied to maximize the services’ trustworthiness gain by generating appropriate resource allocation schemes dynamically. A performance improvement of 21.72% has been reported.


In this article, by sensing both the output and input voltage, the converter voltage conversion ratio is computed on-line. Based on the comparison result between the calculated gain and unity, the switching frequency is adjusted accordingly and resonant frequency tracking is achieved.


Wednesday 8 December 2021 at 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET, 9:00 AM EST)

By Pedro Neto and Mohammad Safeea (University of Coimbra, Portugal)


Tuesday 14 December 2021 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET, 9:00 AM EST)

By Jiabin Wang and Antonio Griffo (University of Sheffield, UK)

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