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IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Newsletter
June 2015
In this issue
  • I&M Conference Calendar
  • Award Presentations
  • Technical Committee Reorginization
  • In Memoriam
  • I²MTC Board Report
  • Education Committee Report
  • I&M AdCom
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IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine
The latest issue of IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Jun 2015 IEEE I&M Magazine

Feature articles in this issue:
  • "The Einstein Telescope"
  • "Everyday instruments from basic metrology [Basic Metrology]"
  • "5G cellular: key enabling technologies and research challenges"
  • "General-purpose linear solvers [CRUNCH]"
  • "Communication satellite antenna testing"
  • "I&M in navigation systems [Framing I&M Topics]"
  • "High frequency waveform engineering and its applications: Tutorial 54"

I&M Chapter Update
Read the 2015 I&M Chapter Summit Report.

We welcome the following new Chapters in 2015:
  • France Section I&M Society Chapter, Cergy-Pontoise (Paris), France;
  • Instituto Tecn Superior de Coatzacoalcos Student Branch Chapter, Minatitl├ín, Mexico;
  • Madras Section I&M Society Chapter, Chennai, India;
  • Puebla Section I&M Society Chapter, Cholula (Puebla), Mexico;
  • Pune Section I&M Society Chapter, Pune, Mexico;
  • Winnipeg Section Robotics and Automation, Control Systems, and Instrumentation and Measurement Joint Societies Chapter, Winnipeg, Canada;
  • Xi'an Section and Chengdu Joint Section I&M Society Chapter, Xi'an, China
On the I&M Chapter Activities Web site, you can find resources to help in Chapter formation, Chapter Activities, Chapter funding, etc.

Please contact Sergio Rapuano, I&M Chapter Liaison, with any questions or concerns.

Faculty Course Development Award given at I²MTC 2015
Please visit our Web site for a report and photos of the presentation.

Graduate Fellowship Award given at I²MTC 2015
Please visit our Web site for a report and photos of the presentation.

Graduate Student Panel
The Graduate Student Panel was held in Pisa in conjunction with the 2015 version of the flagship I&M Society conference, I²MTC. Read the full report.

Women in Engineering (WIM) Panel
WIM Panel 2015 was held in Pisa 13 May during the IMS flagship conference I²MTC 2015.

The two hour panel session, moderated by Ferdinanda Ponci (Professor at RWTH Aachen Unversity), featured five panelists who discussed with the audience on the topic "What actions advocates can take." Read the full report on our Web site.

IEEE Senior Membership
IEEE Senior Membership is the highest grade for which application may be made and requires experience reflecting professional maturity. Candidates need to be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, or originator in IEEE-designated fields in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years.

An application for Senior Membership requires three references unless nominated by a Senior member, and in that case requires two references.

Congratulations to the newly elevated Senior members for 2015 thus far: Eduardo Cano, Paul Erickson, Joseph Kaiser, Chetan Kulkarni, Iman Morsi, Tom Nelson, Jomar Ochoco, Jose Pelegri Sebastia, Lihui Peng, Arash Samani, Sarah Seguin, Janusz Smulko, Jesus Urena, Ramli Adnan, Ioannis Gonos, James Henry, Barry Male, Carlo Muscas, Viviana Vladutescu, Detlef Pape, Herve Saint-Jalmes, Jeffrey Miller


About the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Newsletter

Engineers today start their careers with excellent technical skills and subject matter expertise. The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine.


I&M Conference Calendar

We hold numerous workshops throughout the year. Please refer to the I&M Conference Web page for a full listing. For more information on any of the conferences, please contact Alessandra Flammini, VP of Conferences for the I&M Society.

The 2015 International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication (ISPCS) will be held 11-16 October 2015 in Bejing, China. View the ISPCS Call for Papers.

IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2015 will be held 2-5 November at the National Harbor, in MD, USA. View the Call for Papers.

The 2016 IEEE First International Conference on Control, Measurement and Instrumentation (CMI) will be held 8-10 January 2016 at Kolkata, India. CMI 2016 is organized by IEEE Joint Control Systems Society and Instrumentation & Measurement Society Chapter (CSS-I&M SOCIETY Joint Chapter), IEEE Kolkata Section, in collaboration with Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. CMI 2016 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society. View the CMI 2016 Call for Papers.
Have a conference you'd like advertised in the I&M Society Newsletter? Contact Brittian Gimbel for details on how to have it included.


2014 Society Award Recipients honored at I²MTC 2015 in Pisa, Italy

Distinguished Service Award:

Alessandro Ferrero
"For eighteen years of outstanding leadership on the Society's AdCom, including service on the I&M Society Fellow Review Committee, as Chair of the I²MTC Board, Vice President for Publications, President, Junior Past President, Senior Past President, and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions for Instrumentation and Measurement"

J. Barry Oakes Advancement Award

Mohammad Tayeb Ghasr
"For contributions to the development of real-time millimeter wave imaging systems for nondestructive evaluation applications."

Career Excellence Award

Steve Sparks
"For half a century of leadership, advancing state-of-the-art test and measurement instruments."

Outstanding Young Engineer Award

Melanie Ooi Po-Leen
"For leadership and innovation in industry-focused engineering education and research in electronic test technology."

Technical Award

George Xiao
"For outstanding contributions to the advancement and implementation of safety and security monitoring instrumentation and measurement technologies."


IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award Presentation held at I²MTC 2015 in Pisa, Italy

IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award

Jean-Charles Bolomey
University Paris Sud, Paris, France

"For pioneering contributions to efficient modulated probe array technology for fast electromagnetic near-field techniques and microwave imagery."


Technical Committee Reorganization

During the last I²MTC in Pisa, Italy, 11 members from different Technical Committees (TC's) together with 3 members of the Technical and Standards Activities Committee met to discuss many topics related to technical committees. The society has been improving in most of its areas and now it is the time for TCs. In an effort to help chairs with their activities we analyzed their needs and also explained the different ways to relate to members of the AdCom so as to strengthen their initiatives. From now on we will try to work closer to our TC's.

Also during our Spring AdCom meeting in Pisa a number of TC's were closed since they showed no activity according to the procedures established last year on the evaluation on TCs. Effective now the following list of TCs are closed until new people and activities will appear.

Closed TCs:
  • TC-1 Measurement Precision, Sensitivity, and Noise;
  • TC-2 DC-LF Measurement;
  • TC-3 Frequency & Time;
  • TC-16 Laser & Optical Systems in Measurements;
  • TC-22 Intelligent Measurement Systems;
  • TC-23 Education in Instrumentation and Measurement;
  • TC-24 Measurement Microsystems;
  • TC-27 Human Computer Interface and Interaction;
  • TC-30 Security and Contraband Detection;
  • TC-33 Characterization of Electrical HF and Optical Non-linear Components
We would like to invite members who could be interested in participating in our technical committees activities to propose new ideas and help us since we think these committees are the centers of expertise of the society. Please refer to our Web site for more information. For more information on the status of your TC, please contact Jorge Daher.


In Memoriam

Frank Reyes
10 February 1937 - 27 April 2015

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Mr. Frank Reyes. Frank was a long-time supporter of the I&M Society and selflessly gave his time and expertise by being a wonderful and effective volunteer serving as vice president for finance, secretary and an BoG member. Please stay tuned for an upcoming "In Memoriam" article in the Magazine and this web site about Frank, his life and his contributions to I&M Society and his profession. We all will miss Frank terribly.


I²MTC Board Report

In keeping with our mission to be the premier international gathering of all people involved in the I&M fields for disseminating and discussing the results of their technical activities, the I²MTC Board has chosen to change to a full paper, fully reviewed conference. The challenge has been to simultaneously make the conference more international by implementing a rotation among the regions or IEEE.

I²MTC 2015, held in Pisa Italy (Region 8) implemented the new review process for the first time and was a success by all counts. The conference featured 391 papers and hosted 421 registrants. 200 people attended one or more of the 15 tutorials presented on Monday. Authors were provided help in the transition from abstract submission to full paper submission with a 2 step review process with initial feedback followed by resubmission. The same rigorous process will be followed in Taipei for I²MTC 2016.

Our rotation of the conference venue continues with Region 10 (Taipei) in 2016 and Natal, Brazil (Region 9) in 2017. During the meeting, the board heard bids from Spain, Portugal, and England for I²MTC 2018 to be held in Region 8 completing the rotation. The decision will be made at a future meeting of the Board. Our rotation successfully encourages participation of members in each region, making I²MTC truly an International Instrumentation and Measurement Technical Conference.


2015 Spring Education Committee Report

Please read the full report from Max Cortner, VP Education, on our Web site.


I&M Administrative Committee

The Instrumentation and Measurement's Society Administrative Committee held their Spring AdCom Meeting 14-16 May 2015 in Pisa, Italy.

Our next AdCom meeting will be the Fall 2015 meeting that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal 15-17 October, 2015.

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