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15 May 2019
mmWave Beamforming systems

User and Vehicle Blockage of mmWave Beamforming Systems

Researchers from Qualcomm, Amazon, and collaborators focused on understanding the signal-disrupting effects as millimeter waves pass through vehicles and the human hand and body. Measurements with a 28-GHz prototype and simulation studies suggested models of these effects. Analysis showed that disruptions stem from physical movements at time scales of a few 100 ms or more, which can be compensated for via network densification, subarray switching in user equipment, and fallback mechanisms.


See the latest bench and field solutions for signal generation and analysis in the RF, microwave and millimeter wave range. Including 5G device characterization, wideband analysis, phase noise, group-delay, multiport measurements.


Simple Constant-Dielectric Beamformer for Hybrid MIMO

In tests at 28 GHz, a low-complexity, low-cost beamformer, consisting of constant dielectric (εr) material with antenna feeds, was evaluated for uplink signal-to-noise ratio of user terminals with zero-forcing (ZF) baseband signal processing...and significantly outperformed conventional antenna array beamformers with analog phase shifter networks.
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International Microwave Symposium, 2-7 June, Boston

The MTT-S's 2019 IMS Microwave Week will be held 2-7 June 2019 in Boston, MA. The centerpiece International Microwave Symposium (IMS), the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC), and Automatic Radio-Frequency Techniques Group Conference (ARFTG), offer technical sessions, industrial exhibits, plenary and panel sessions, and more.
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AnaPico's APULN Models: High-End MW SG up to 40 GHz

The APULN40 is a 100 kHz to 40 GHz ultra-low phase noise MW signal generator, enhancing AnaPico's signal generator product lines.

Visit Anokiwave at IMS2019 Booth 223

Anokiwave's unique and advanced design capabilities enable the industry's highest performing mmWave active antennas with applications from 5G infrastructure to 5G Consumer Premise Equipment to SATCOM LEO/MEO/GEO equipment.

Hybrid EDA software tools for fast and advanced EM-designs

µWave Wizard™ software combines the flexibility of 2D/3D FEM with speed and accuracy of Mode Matching for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of passive components, including horn and reflector antennas.


mmWave Continuous-Mode Power Amps for 5G MIMO

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology present three different millimeter-wave continuous-mode power amplifiers (PAs) for 5G MIMO applications. All three designs achieved wide or ultra-wide bandwidth with peak power-added efficiencies of 43.2% to 53%...and all outperformed reported silicon-based 5G PAs in efficiency over an ultrawide bandwidth.
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Hardware and Systems for 5G (Atlanta, 15-16 Aug.)

The IEEE International Microwave Conference (IMC-5G, Atlanta, 15-16 Aug.) brings together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds to share the most recent advances in hardware and system technologies for 5G and beyond. IMC-5G 2019 will feature a two-day oral and poster presentations, invited talks and tutorial, and an industrial exhibit.
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Modeling of Infinite 2D Periodic Structures Now Available in WIPL-D Solver

Recently introduced Periodic Boundary Condition, with 3D cells of arbitrary composite materials, enables efficient analysis of infinite 2D periodic structures.


Low-Leakage, Digitally Modulated mmWave Phased Array

A new method for suppressing undesired spatial leakage of phased arrays is uses antenna elements with digitally modulated quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) and on-off keying (OOK) elements Fine-grain magnitude and phase control is not required. Simulation and tests show that the leakage power can be suppressed to -25 dBc for most zenith angles between 10º and 50º.
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Fundamentals of Radar

Fundamentals of Radar: It Depends on the Application

Listen to the latest MTT-S on-demand webinar, "Fundamentals of Radar: It Depends on the Application. A Tutorial Introduction" with Hermann Brian Sequeira of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. (The tutorial includes a mathematical supplement available for download.) Or dip into the Society's Webinar Library for more topics.
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MIMO Radar Using MMICs

High-Resolution 160-GHz Imaging MIMO Radar Using MMICs

A high-resolution frequency-modulated continuous-wave short-range imaging radar achieves a range resolution of about 1 cm and 16 GHz bandwidth around 160 GHz. Eight coherently coupled MMICs (each with a transmit and receive antenna on-chip) help overcome losses and PCB tolerances. Signals on the PCB are below 12 GHz, facilitating fabrication.
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Traceable sub-mmWave VNA Measurements

Strategies for Traceable sub-mmWave VNA Measurements

Metrologists at the U.K. National Physical Laboratory and the Universities of Leeds and Glasgow present a strategy for achieving metrological traceability using vector network analyzers (VNAs) at submillimeter-wave frequencies (300 to 3000 GHz), illustrated using measurements made in the WM-250 (750 GHz to 1100 GHz) waveguide band.
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Full-Field-of-View Hybrid Beamformer for Low-Latency mmWave

Full-Field-of-View Hybrid Beamformer for Low-Latency mmWave

An 8-element MIMO hybrid beamforming receiver array with autonomous millimeter-wave (mm-Wave)/RF front-end beamforming and digital baseband beamforming allows autonomous dynamic suppression of unknown blockers, as well as beamforming on unknown desired signals--without knowing carrier frequency, angle-of-arrival, and modulation scheme.
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Coming Up: Microwave Week, Wireless Power Transfer, Signal Power

Coming Up: Microwave Week, Wireless Power Transfer, Signal Power

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include: the IEEE/MTT-s International Microwave Symposium (IMS, Boston, 2-7 June); Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC, Boston, 2-4 June); Microwave Measurements (ARFTG, Boston, 7 June); Wireless Power Transfer (WPTC, London, 18-21 June); Signal and Power Integrity (SPI, Chambéry, France, 18-21 June), and more.
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