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20 November 2019

OTA Power-Amp Testing for Digital Predistortion in 5G Massive MIMO

A novel digital predistortion (DPD) architecture for MIMO transmitters uses a real-time, single-channel, over-the-air (OTA) data acquisition loop. The feedback data acquisition strategy captures OTA signals from a fixed location and indirectly identifies the nonlinear behavior of all power amplifiers in the array, as well as their combined far-field signals.


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Optimal Series Resistors for On-Wafer Calibrations

The on-wafer series resistor (SR) is commonly used for SR calibration and estimating the capacitance per unit length of coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission lines. A group from the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Testing fabricated and tested 48 SRs, from 1 Ω to over 6 kΩ, to determine which resistance and geometry works best for these applications.
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T-MTT Special Issue on Broadband Power Amps

Submit papers by 15 Dec. for an IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques special July 2020 issue on "Broadband RF and Millimeter-wave Power Amplifiers." The editors seek papers on the most recent research and development covering broadband (including sub-6GHz) and millimeter-wave power amplifiers.
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Tunable Frequency-Selective 'Origami' Surface

Thermally actuated, origami-inspired, multilayer Miura frequency selective surfaces (MLM-FSSs)--built on polyester-based substrate--can change frequency response with ambient temperature. With a low-loss folded spacer layer, the device offers twice the bandwidth of single-layer Miura-FSS and excellent angle of incidence rejection.
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Radio & Wireless Week, San Antonio, 25-29 Jan.

Radio & Wireless Week (RWW, 25-29 Jan., 2020, San Antonio, TX) includes multiple conferences focusing on the intersection of wireless communication theory, systems, circuits, and device technologies, including RWS (RF/microwave), PAWR (power amps), WiSNet (sensors), SiRF (silicon technologies), and SHaRC (space technologies). Reserve hotel by 1 Jan.
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5G Higher Frequencies: Do you have the right circuit materials?

Frequencies at 28 GHz and higher are used in Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communications networks. 5G infrastructure depends on low-loss circuit materials engineered for high frequencies, materials such as RO4835T™ laminates and RO4450T™ bonding materials from Rogers Corporation. Read More.

ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter extends RF test equipment for 5G

ThinkRF platform is the industry’s first 40 GHz downconverter that allows operators and military SIs to easily upgrade existing RF test equipment, reducing time to market and cost. Read More.


Space-Time Beamforming for Maintenance-Free IoT Sensors

Even energy-efficient IoT sensors require battery replacement. A space-time beamforming (STBF) algorithm based on microwave power transfer in the 5.7-GHz band (evaluated with typical beam-splitting algorithms, Max-Sum and Max-Min) makes maintenance-free IoT sensors possible.
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Last Call: IMS 2020 Technical Papers Due by 4 Dec.

Last call: 4 Dec. is the deadline for submitting technical papers for the 2020 International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2020, Los Angeles, CA, 20-25 June), centerpiece of Microwave Week, which also embraces the RFIC Symposium and the ARFTG measurement conference.
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Better Adjacent Channel Power Ratio in Phased Arrays

Tests of an 8- to 256-element phased array show that adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR, one measure of linearity) improves with the number of elements at a fixed backoff from the 1-dB compression point. A 256-element phased array at P1 dB - 2 dB achieved the same ACPR as an 8-element array at P1 dB - 4 dB. There are important implications for 5G array efficiency.
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IEEE Learning Network: Special MTT-S Offer

The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) gives members easy access to online learning content from across IEEE, all in one place. Browse more than 800 courses on core and emerging technologies, leadership skills, and more. Until 6 December, active IEEE members can purchase select courses from ILN Partners at a 30% discount with the code ILNNOV.
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Rhodamine B Microdosimetry for RF Exposures of Biosamples

Researchers studied EMF effects on biological samples exposed to 1.8-GHz signals using Rhodamine B (RhodB), the temperature-sensitive fluorescent dye. A macro level open transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell served as a dosimetry reference. A microfluidic system, based on coplanar waveguide (CPW) electrodes, used a fluoroptic probe to extract specific absorption rate (SAR).
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Coming Up: Radio & Wireless Week, Wireless and Microwave Tech

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include: Radio & Wireless Week (ARFTG, RWS, PAWR, SiRF, WiSNeT, SHaRC, San Antonio, TX, 25-29 Jan.); Wireless and Microwave Technology (WAMICON, Sand Key, FL, 15-17 April); Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Circuits (INMMiC, Cardiff, UK, 16-17 Apr.); Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility (ICMIM, Linz, Austria, 20-21 Apr.), and more.
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