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15 April 2020

Message from MTT-S President Alaa Abunjaileh

MTT-S President Alaa Abunjaileh has written to members, outlining the steps its leaders are taking to guide the Society through this difficult year. Some first-half conferences have been postponed. IMS2020 and Microwave Week, scheduled for 21-26 June 2020 in Los Angeles, is currently proceeding as planned; 1 May is the target date for deciding next steps, and updates will be posted.

Happily, some MTT-S programs continue to run as scheduled. Graduate and undergraduate scholarship support, webinars, and publications are all on schedule, or experiencing limited delays. The MTT-Sat challenge is on track; phase 2 launches this year, and the Society seeks proposals from both phase 1 participants and newcomers, with an extended 15 June deadline.

On the other hand, many chapters have had to cancel meetings and events; MTT-S is encouraging them to use virtual tools to minimize disruption wherever possible. And the Distinguished Microwave Lecturer program has been put on hold, pending possible resumption in a virtual format.

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Mini-Circuits’ ZXHF-K912+ is a 2.92mm connectorized reflectionless high pass filter with a wide passband from 9.1 up to 30 GHz. The filter utilizes a patented topology to absorb and internally terminate stopband reflections.


mmWave Image-Rejection Receiver

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, report on a 20-44-GHz image-rejection receiver in GlobalFoundries 22-nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI). At an intermediate frequency (IF) of 16 GHz, the image band at dc -12 GHz is filtered by the low noise amplifier (LNA) response and is greater than 75 dB over the entire 20-44-GHz range. The receiver achieves 24-28.5 dB gain with a noise figure (NF) of 3.3-5 dB at 20-44 GHz, and an error vector magnitude of 3.6%-3.7% with a 2-Gbaud symbol rate. This appears to be the first wideband image-rejection receiver covering the entire millimeter-wave 5G band based on GF 22-nm CMOS FD-SOI.
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MTT-S COVID-19 Resource Updates

MTT-S has set up a COVID-19 Update page on the Society website. In addition to messages from the Society's President, look here for updates on Microwave Week, conference schedules, the MTT-Sat challenge, free online webinars and career tools, resources for chapter leaders (including tools for holding online meetings), and a special call from the IEEE Humanitarian activities Committee (HAC) and Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) for proposals that help fight COVID-19, with awards of up to US$5,000 and opportunities for further funding. Note, too, that IEEE Xplore has made papers relevant to COVID-19 available without charge. 
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Scalable Frequency-Division Multiplex MIMO Radar

A new 60-GHz, frequency-modulated continuous-wave MIMO radar uses frequency-division multiplexing for TX signal separation for 2-D and 3-D localization. Four-channel transmitter and receiver chips (in 130 nm SiGe) can be combined to increase the number of TX and RX channels while maintaining phase coherence between the channels. In 2-D mode, the radar achieves 5-cm range resolution and 3.5° angular resolution.
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Filter Workshop Submission Deadline is 31 May

31 May is the deadline for submitting papers for the first International Microwave Filter Workshop (IMFW 2020), the first conference dedicated to the filter community organized by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) with the technical co-sponsorship of the European Microwave Association (EuMA). After this first event, scheduled for 28-30 October in Perugia, the conference will begin rotating among continents.
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Wolfspeed includes decades of GaN on SiC design experience in our free and extremely accurate simulation models. Check out video IV; a short guide on characterizing Wolfspeed models for PA designs in MWO.


Efficient Digital Predistortion for Broadband PAs

A dynamic algorithm for managing digital predistortion in broadband radio-frequency power amplifiers optimizes size and complexity in real time, reducing power consumption and computational overheads. In operation, the algorithm quickly finds optimal structure as operating conditions change--while maintaining robust linearization with reduced computational complexity.
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'Innovation at Work' Online Education Opportunities

Sample the free and reduced-cost learning opportunities offered through IEEE Innovation at Work: Attend virtual events like "Discover Techniques and the End-to-End System of 5G Networks." Take advantage of Continuing Education courses (including five courses for US$10) And much more.
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3D Printing for Nanocomposite Fabrication

A new additive manufacturing process dynamically mixes polymer ceramic composites during 3D printing. A demonstration using polyimide and barium titanate (BaTiO₃) produced films with a gradient of relative dielectric constants (3.1 to 8.9). The process lets developers dynamically alter ceramic loading without formulating multiple inks, and pattern 3-D structures without photosensitive materials.
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Interdigitated Electrodes Detect Liquid Mixtures

A microwave microfluidic sensor measures composition of binary liquid mixtures. A split-ring resonator--implemented in a microstrip transmission line with interdigitated electrodes--demonstrated higher sensitivity than previous split-ring resonator designs in tests on water-isopropanol, water-methanol, and water-tetrahydrofuran mixtures. 
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Coned Cable for Faster, Simpler RF Dosimetry

A coned cable was designed for simple, accurate numerical dosimetry. A WR-430 waveguide held two flasks with cell monolayers oriented to the E- or H-field. The cells' specific absorption rate (SAR) was established by calculating |S₁₁| and setting Pincident at a lumped port in the coned cable. Results agreed closely with conventional SAR methods, but the new method reduced computational time by 15%-29% and significantly reduced post processing computational complexity.
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Coming Up: IMS Still On, IC-MAM Postponed 

Monitor the MTT-S Sponsored Conferences page to keep abreast of changing meeting schedules. As noted above, the International Microwave Symposium/Microwave Week remains scheduled for Los Angeles, 21-26 July as MTT-S monitors the stage of the pandemic and changes in movement restrictions. Microwave Acoustics and Mechanics (IC-MAM, Munich) has been postponed from July 2020 to some time in 2021. Many meetings schedule for late June, July, and August remain on the schedule.
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