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22 October 2020

Reconfigurable Planar Fresnel for mmWave 5G

Massively integrated power amplifiers (PAs) in compact mmWave beamforming front ends present a heat-dissipation problem. A new beamforming front end, based on a reconfigurable planar Fresnel lens significantly reduces the number of PAs required. A Ka-band demonstration system is structurally simple, cost-effective, easy to control, and provides multiple modes for beamspace massive-multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications.


Wolfspeed has integrated decades of GaN on SiC design experience into our broad portfolio of HEMT devices and MMIC power amplifiers that support X-Band applications with smaller, lighter, more efficient and higher performing solutions.


Wideband, Multistandard Phased Arrays for 5G

A new 23.5-29.5-GHz, 8x8 phased array, designed for wideband multistandard 5G applications, produces effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) of 54.8 dBm at P1dB with a 3-dB bandwidth of 23.5-30.5 GHz and can scan to ±60° azimuths and +/40° in elevation...with 16-QAM 24-Gb/s links and what is believed to be the first interband carrier aggregation demonstrated in a mmWave 5G system.
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Call for Papers: Wireless Power Transfer 2021

Papers are due by 15 Jan. 2021 for the 2021 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC, San Diego, CA, 1-4 June 2021). The meeting will run in parallel with the IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW) in the IEEE Wireless Power Week (WPW2021). The organizers seek papers on theories, techniques, devices, applications, regulatory issues and more.
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Precisely Synchronized NVNA for 5G Test Bands

Researchers at two Chinese metrology labs present a novel nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA) setup for generating and measuring digitally modulated signals at mmWave test bands. The system employs, first, a user-defined multisine signal as the phase reference (for more precise synchronization and a denser spectral grid) and, second, pulsed-radio frequency signals for NVNA phase calibration (allowing easier tone-by-tone phase calibration).
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Future Directions "IEEE Day" Offers

Though IEEE Day was 6 Oct. the Future Directions Communities special offer extends through the end of the month. Join three communities for the price of one: IEEE Blockchain for secure transactions and information; IEEE Digital Reality for Digital Transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more; and IEEE Rebooting Computing, dedicated to rethinking the computer "from soup to nuts," and from hardware to user interface.
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Introducing a new 5G solution, the MHF® 7S RF Connector. This innovative design gives unparalleled EMI performance in a small form factor. With a 1.5 VSWR max at 15/GHz, this connector solves 5G problems now.


Based on LTCC, LCP or other organic and ceramic substrate materials the MST group offers all manufacturing steps to produce highly reliable electronic modules for superior HF & microwave applications.


Radar Echoes Read Chipless mmWave Sensors

Three-D beam-scanning with a 24-GHz, frequency-modulated, continuous-wave (FM-CW) radar (for diverse electric field polarizations) simultaneously interrogates and identifies multiple passive (zero-power) pressure sensors in an industrial environment from ranges of 4 m and up. Combining cross-polarized fields with radar imagery assists with remote sensor interrogation at ranges up to 17.7 m.
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Call for Papers: IEEE Systems Journal

Editor-in-chief Amir Aghdam invites MTT-S members to consider the IEEE Systems Journal for publishing their systems-oriented research. The publication provides a systems-level, focused forum for application-oriented manuscripts that address complex systems and system-of-systems of national and global significance, including problems not solvable by pure engineering solutions.
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OFDM Radar Network With Phase-Coherent DOA

Combining orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radar and repeater elements overcomes angle-resolution constraints of existing multiple-sensor radar networks. The repeater elements receive reflections from the target and retransmit them back to the radar, eliminating frequency conversion from radio frequency to baseband and vice versa, retaining coherence with the initial Tx signal.
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MTT-S Webinars: Power Amp MMICs; Automotive Radar

Keep in touch with technology via free MTT-S webinars. Catch previous presentations or sign up for upcoming programs like "50-250 GHz Power Amplifier MMICs" with Zach Griffith (Teledyne) on 27 Oct., "Automotive Radar" with Markus Gardill (InnoSenT) on 10 Nov., "Analog Photonic Systems" with Edward Ackerman (Photonic Systems) on 8 Dec., and many more.
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Ergonomic Wireless Charging for Daily Life

A clothing-integrated wireless power transfer and harvesting system uses a novel class of anchor-shaped antennas for charging at distances up to 4 ft., allowing use during daily life activities. The novel antenna design extends the range of fringing fields, and the system incorporates a textile-based rectifying circuit with RF-to-dc conversion efficiency of 77.23% at 22.5 dBm.
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Coming Up: Wireless Power, Microwave Technology

Upcoming MTT-S sponsored conferences include: Wireless Power (WPTC, virtual & Seoul, 15-19 Nov.); Wireless and Microwave Technology (WAMICON, Clearwater Beach, FL, 1-3 Dec.), Numerical Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Modeling and Optimization (NEMO, Hangzhou, China, 7-9 Dec.), Microwave Biomedical Conference (IMBIOC, virtual, 14-17 Dec.), and others.
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