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17 December 2020

Field Programmable Microwave Substrate Filters

Novel reconfigurable microwave filter designs exploit the recently introduced concept of field-programmable microwave substrates (FPMS). The new devices boast tunable center frequencies, operational bandwidths, and filter orders. Simple dynamic controls can produce different types of filters on a single FPMS board: Tests on a waveguide bandpass filter, a quarter-wave-coupled bandpass filter, and a waveguide bandstop filter are reported.


Design engineers must carefully consider the thermal environment presented to a high-power amplifier. Discover how peak temperatures in Wolfspeed GaN HEMT’s translate to higher reliability for the power amplifier.


Efficient Cell Receivers for Carrier Aggregation

Two new power-efficient RF receivers are designed for advanced long-term evolution cellular applications. The single-ended receiver architectures support multiple-channel signals in advanced carrier aggregation scenarios with design flexibility to accommodate front-end module configuration and target applications.
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European Microwave Week, 10-15 Jan. 2021

European Microwave Week, 10-15 Jan. 2021, will be an entirely virtual six day event, including three cutting edge conferences--the European Microwave Integrated Circuits (EuMIC), Microwave (EuMC), and Radar (EuRAD) Conferences--plus three Forums and one exciting trade and technology exhibition.
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Harmonic Reflection Amplifier for Backscatter IoT

Power-efficient backscatter communication schemes could dominate the Internet of Things, but the asymmetric radio front end architectures that allow cheap tags then burden the reader with expensive hardware. Separating TX and RX frequency bands in a harmonic backscattering scheme (built around a single tunnel diode) drastically loosens the technological constraints.
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Wireless Communication in Dual-Chamber Pacemakers

A new design uses off-the-shelf components and the conductivity of the heart's own muscle and blood to transmit ultra-low-power, low-data-rate signals between pacemakers implanted in the right atrium and right ventricle. The concept is tested in a homogeneous phantom and in in vivo experiments.
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Significant software acceleration reached in the recently introduced WIPL-D Pro v17, now goes even further in the new version of WIPL-D GPU Cluster Solver with multi-GPU and MPI parallelization, achieving unprecedented EM simulation efficiency.


OOK Chirp Spread Spectrum Backscatter for WPT

A new wireless energy receiving unit uses an auxiliary RF-to-dc converter that simultaneously powers and tunes a low-power voltage-controlled oscillator. Adding a small amplitude modulation to the power carrier allows low-power, long-range ON-OFF keying (OOK) chirp spread spectrum communications--obviating dedicated processing for generating baseband signals and saving power and complexity.
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Listen to IEEE Spectrum's Technology Podcasts

IEEE Spectrum's renewed series of technology podcasts tackles current issues for microwave engineers, including the auction of the 5G cellular communications spectrum; the persistent problem of latency in 5G, robotics, and autonomous vehicles; and telemedicine--plus Detroit's race to catch up with Tesla, the video game culture wars, why the U.S. has three power grids, and much more.
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Wireless Power and Data Transfer in Seawater

A highly efficient, wireless, undersea power-and-data coupler exploits the conductivity of seawater. A new capacitive conductive coupler achieved over 90% efficiency transfering 1 kW of power at a distance of 20 mm through seawater and then transferred real-time video at 90 Mb/s.
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MTT-S Webinars: 300 GHz Communications

Keep in touch with technology via free MTT-S webinars. Catch previous presentations or sign up for upcoming programs like "Terahertz Communications at 300 Ghz," with Ho-Jin Song (NTT) on 12 Jan., "The Future of Battery-Free RF/Microwave Systems" with Alessandra Costanzo (University of Bologna) on 9 Feb., and many more.
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Radar Locates, Reads Vitals for Multiple People

Combining self-injection-locked radar with frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) and switched phased-array (SPA) techniques let researchers successfully measure locations and vital signs of up to five seated subjects--two of them sitting shoulder-to-shoulder--at ranges of more than 1.5 m from the radar.
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Coming Up: European Microwave Week

Upcoming MTT-S sponsored conferences include: European Microwave Week (EUMW, Virtual, 10-15 Jan. 2021), Radio and Wireless Week (RWW, Virtual, 17-20 Jan.), Latin America Microwaves (LAMC, Cali, Colombia, 26-28 May), and others. And don't forget the International Microwave Symposium (IMS, Atlanta, GA, 6-11 June).
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