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June 2021

3-D Imaging with 5G Signal Reflections

Emerging 5G mmWave networks--with electronic beamforming and beamsteering and signal bandwidths of hundreds of MHz--present opportunities for 3-D sensing applications that leverage that infrastructure. A new signal processing pipeline can, 1) accurately extract the Time of Flight of reflected OFDM signals, and 2) enhance range resolution by coherently aggregating the reflection information from separate frequency bands.


Mini-Circuits has a long history of space-level screening and testing, from some of the earliest government space missions all the way through to modern independent enterprises. Most Mini-Circuits catalog and custom components can be upscreened in house for Mil Standard or equivalent qualification in as little as 90 days! Visit the space upscreening section of to see how Mini-Circuits can help you reduce costs and accelerate your project timeline.


THz Spectroscopy of Thermal Decomposition

A new high-resolution THz spectroscopy system has been developed to study the vapors of energy-producing materials during thermal decomposition, based on the phase-shift of 115-178 GHz radiation. The study illuminated decomposition mechanisms for ammonium nitrate, pentaerythritetetranitrate, octogen, and triaminotrinitrobenzene...and identified other substances that appear during thermolysis.
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Submit COMCAS 2021 Papers by 12 July

Technical paper summaries are due 12 July for the International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS, Tel Aviv, 1-3 November). IEEE COMCAS is a biennial series tailored to maximize networking, support the candid exchange of ideas, and develop a range of enduring opportunities.
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Classical v Chipless RFID Read Range

A new study compared the read ranges of classical radio frequency identification (RFID) and chipless RFID in free-space and real environments (REs). Though semipassive tag performance came close to matching the free-space model, the read range for chipless tags could not be predicted by the radar equation. A concept of residual environment is shown to be the key parameter to evaluate the read range of a chipless RFID system.
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Nominations Due 31 July for 2022 MTT-S Awards

The MTT-S Awards Committee seeks nominations by 31 July for the 2022 MTT-S awards. These include the Microwave Career Award, the Distinguished Service Award, the Distinguished Educator Award, the Microwave Pioneer Award, the Microwave Application Award, Outstanding Young Engineer, and the N. Walter Cox Award (presented for exemplary service). See the Society's Award Nomination page for nomination forms and instructions for submission.
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Join us at CadenceLIVE to learn about recent innovations in AWR® software that offer a foundational advance in design data and IP sharing across design platforms.


Wolfspeed introduces four new multi-stage GaN on SiC MMIC devices that will enable improvements in RF system size, weight, and power; while also supporting new levels of performance for X-Band applications.


Beating the Beat Pattern in 2-Sided mmWave Imaging

Two-sided reflection mmWave techniques can help image objects that mix opaque and translucent elements (such as packaged goods in commerce). Attempts to coherently combine the two images produces wavelength-dependent beat patterns. A new approach successfully mitigates this problem, achieving δx = 17.07 mm, δy = 4.62 mm, and δz = 7.26 mm, with an accuracy of 0.8 mm in the y- and z-directions.
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Webinar: System Point-Spread Functions for Imaging

Log in on 22 June as Prof. Natalia K. Nikolova (McMaster University) delves into real-time microwave/millimeter-wave imaging, which allows us to “see” inside optically opaque objects. Through the concept of the system point-spread function, she will show how to calibrate an imaging system so that the images show not only location and shape, but also suggest their dielectric properties.
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Harmonic-Injection Class-EM/Fn Power Amp

A new Class-EM/Fn power amplifier reduces the high peak switch voltage factor of the classical Class-EM PA by 27.3%. The new topology fulfills not only zero voltage switching (ZVS) and zero voltage derivative switching (ZVDS) conditions as in the Class-E PA but also the zero-current switching (ZCS) and zero-current derivative switching (ZCDS) conditions of the Class-E⁻¹ PA.
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IMFW 2021 Submission Deadline is 15 June

15 June is the deadline for submitting papers to the International Microwave Filter Workshop (IMFW 2021, Perugia, Italy, 17-19 Nov.), a unique opportunity to bring together scientists from industry and academia who work on filters, to share the most recent advances in filter theory, technology and manufacturing.
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Direct- Detection Receiver for Tropospheric Water

A novel 670-GHz integrated direct-detection receiver using 25-nm InP HEMT technology, developed for the Tropospheric Water and Cloud Ice project, is the first demonstration of an integrated direct detection radiometer architecture at these frequencies. The receiver exhibits a noise figure of 11.4 dB with a total DC power consumption of 0.25 W. Results show that transistor-based direct-detection receivers are viable for submillimeter wave applications, with low SWaP and no compromise in performance.
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Coming Up: Microwave Week, RFIT, Optoelectronics

Upcoming MTT-S sponsored conferences include: Microwave Week and the International Microwave Symposium (IMS / RFIC / ARFTG, In-Person in Atlanta, 7-10 Jun., Virtual 20-25 Jun.); Radio Frequency Integration Technology (RFIT, Hybrid virtual and in-person, Hualien, Taiwan, 25-27 Aug.), Microwaves and Optoelectronics (IMOC, Fortaleza, Brazil, 26-29 Sep.), Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (EPEPS, Virtual, 17-20 Oct.), and more.
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