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July 2021

mmWave Imaging at 652 Frames per Second

mmWaves could potentially revolutionize electronic imaging through fog and smoke...or through garments and luggage...were it not for long image acquisition times. A new method uses noise signals paired with an element-level 38 GHz digital receiving array to generate mmWave imagery at 652 frames per second. A new parallel data acquisition and image formation approach reduced latencies nearly 50-fold, yielding frame rates more than 26 times faster than any other reported millimeter-wave imaging system.


Mini-Circuits has expanded its offering of mmWave LTCC bandpass filters with four new models covering the 5G n257, n258 and n260 bands and more designs in development. Mini-Circuits now offers the world’s widest selection of millimeter-wave LTCC components, giving designers benefits of smaller size, lower cost and more repeatable performance than competing technologies.


Nonlinearity-Induced Nonreciprocity

A two-part study of nonlinearity-induced nonreciprocal devices covers general working principle (based on resonators filled with Kerr-like nonlinearities) showing that strong nonreciprocal responses can be obtained when an asymmetric resonator is excited from only one port with a quasi-monochromatic signal. More complex input signals can be used to achieve novel functionalities, such as optically controlled transmission switching.
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Call for IMS 2022 Workshop & Paper Proposals

It's already time to start thinking about presenting at the 2022 International Microwave Symposium (IMS, Denver, Colorado, USA 19-24 June 2022). Preliminary workshop proposals are due between 30 July (strongly encouraged) and 17 September. The objective for 2022 aims to have fewer workshops, with greater attendance. Potential organizers are asked to submit short proposals with a title, abstract and preliminary list of speakers.
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Does Dry Microwaving Respirator Masks Help?

A new study shows that dry microwave irradiation cannot heat infectious aerosols or droplets to their deactivation temperatures. Simulations and experiments show that dry-microwaving increases the temperature of an N95 respirator by less than 10 °C, far less than required to deactivate the COVID-19 virus.
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MTT Transactions Special Issues on WPTC & IWS

The editors of Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques seek papers for two upcoming "mini-special issues": submissions for Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC0 issue are due by 15 August, and submissions for the International Wireless Symposium (IWS) issue are due by 15 September.
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For RF X-band application designers, choosing material technology is important; choosing a vertically integrated GaN on SiC manufacturer offering decades of wide-bandgap process technology experience and device design success is key.


View this on-demand webinar to learn how the Cadence® Celsius™ Thermal Solver provides engineers with "thermal-integrity" analysis of electronic systems inclusive of ICs, PCBs and packages.


µWave Wizard™ software products combine the flexibility of 2D/3D FEM with speed and accuracy of Mode Matching for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of passive components, including horn and reflector antennas.


Unique features of WIPL-D software suite provide a wide application range spanning: antenna design, arrays & radomes, antenna placement, RCS/scattering, EMC, microwave circuits, LF problems, medical, automotive, military, IoT, 5G, etc.


Low-Noise, 50-nm-Gate Metamorphic HEMT

Researchers investigating noise mechanisms in InGaAs metamorphic high-electron-mobility transistors (mHEMTs) characterized performance of devices with gate lengths of 100, 50, and 35 nm under room temperature and cryogenic conditions. One technology, with a 50-nm gate length, exhibited for the first time an average effective noise temperature of 4.2 K between 8 and 18 GHz, with a minimum of 3.3 K when the amplifier is cooled to 10 K.
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Webinar: Time-Varying Transmission Lines

Join UCLA professor Y. Ethan Wang at noon EDT on Tuesday, 13 July, for this month's MTT-S webinar, "Time-Varying Transmission Line (TVTL) for Broadband, Low Noise, Nonreciprocal and Cross-Frequency RF Applications" Traditional, time-invariant passive transmission lines, filters, and antennas limit wireless systems' performance. Transmission lines with time-varying impedances can help to overcome many traditional limits to improve noise and power handling.
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Cutting Concrete with Solid-State Microwave Heater

A localized microwave-heating applicator (LMH, a modified, stepwise pecking drill), fed by a ~0.25-kW solid-state microwave generator offers multiple improvements on established, magnetron-based microwave concrete drills: it is more compact, draws less power, accommodates arbitrary cutting contours, and produces a smaller kerf (the volume of removed material).
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Investing in Your Dream: Rutgers Online Mini-MBA

By now, you know how your company will do by the end of the year. Start thinking now about positioning your company, and yourself, for success in 2022. Invest in leadership development with the IEEE/Rutgers Online Mini-MBA for Engineers and Technical Professionals--the only online mini-MBA specifically designed for engineers, recently ranked as a top-three program by Forbes.
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Scalable, Dual-Polarized Absorber for WPT

A dual-polarized electromagnetic energy-harvesting system--a periodic absorber surface and a full-wave rectifier--is constructed using concentric bow-tie dipoles and channeling features that make it possible to efficiently combine and transfer the collected power from multiple unit cells. Simulation and experiment show strong energy absorption and overall radiation-to-DC conversion efficiency greater than 60%.
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Coming Up: Optoelectronics, Electronic Packaging

Upcoming MTT-S sponsored conferences include: Radio Frequency Integration Technology (RFIT, Hybrid virtual and in-person, Hualien, Taiwan, 25-27 Aug.), Mobile and Terahertz Systems (IRMMW-THZ, Chengdu, China, 29 Aug.-3 Sep), Microwaves and Optoelectronics (IMOC, Fortaleza, Brazil, 26-29 Sep.), Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (EPEPS, Virtual, 17-20 Oct.), and more.
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