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November 2021

High-Efficiency, Ultrathin Metasurfaces

A nearly 100%-efficient, ultrathin, broadband metasurface operates at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies. The device uses two orthogonally polarized metallic gratings to form a Fabry-Perot cavity and a subwavelength metallic double-split-ring resonator at the center of each unit cell. Numerical and experimental results show performance superior to devices based solely on phase control.


Mini-Circuits’ BFHK-series LTCC band pass filter designs are the first of their kind in the industry, achieving up to 90 dB stopband rejection with excellent selectivity. These groundbreaking products feature built-in shielding to prevent detuning and come in a tiny 1812 ceramic monolith, ideal for pick and place assembly.


Time-Reversal Ultrawideband Pulse Compression

A new time-reversal pulse compression (TRPC) technique uses a single-port reverberant cavity (rather than the dual ports previously reported) connected to an ultrawideband circulator (6.5-17 GHz), increasing measured compression gain by up to 3 dB.
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CFP: Submit RFIC Papers to T-MTT by 3 Dec.

The IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (T-MTT) will publish a Mini-Special Issue devoted to original material presented at the 2021 IEEE RFIC Symposium. Authors of RFIC papers may submit expanded versions by the extended deadline of 3 December.
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Super-Resolution Time Domain Spectroscopy

A new concept of constraint reconstruction for super-resolution THz time-domain spectroscopy, based on the modeling of the spectroscopic rotational lines in a sparse spectrum, produces resolutions up to 10 times higher than conventional THz-TDS.

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MTT-S Webinar: Filters Help Avoid RF Isolators

Join MTT-S Outstanding Young Engineer Award winner Roberto Gómez-García (University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Spain) on 9 Nov. for this month's Second Tuesday webinar, "Avoiding RF Isolators -- Reflectionless Filtering Components for Emerging Wireless Systems."
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This webinar demonstrates how the Cadence® AWR Design Environment® V16 platform integrated with Allegro® PCB Editor supports an RF-to-PCB workflow to overcome cross-platform interoperability issues.


Join Scott Blum, RF Applications Engineer with Wolfspeed as he discusses how to design areas of a pulsed amplifier circuit to achieve a high degree of pulse fidelity.


Frequency-Domain Spoofing Attack on FMCW Radar

A novel spoofing device uses a single-sideband mixer to inject false target information into a frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar, creating an apparent target at any range the spoofer chooses. Fortunately, the researchers also developed a hybrid-chirp FMCW approach as a countermeasure.
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Barium Hexaferrite Broadband Terahertz Isolator

Gyrotropic ceramics are leading candidates for breaking reciprocity in optical systems to build devices with unidirectional wave propagation. A new, broadband, self-biased THz isolator based on magnetized aluminum-substituted barium hexaferrite exhibits no less than 30 dB of isolation from 0.2 to 1 THz.
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LCD-Based Bandwidth, Center-Frequency Filter

A novel, fully electronically reconfigurable waveguide filter allows operators to tune both center frequency and bandwidth independently, thanks to resonators and coupling structures filled with liquid crystals and tuned using a novel two-layer electrode design. The prototype filter can adapt its center frequency from 29.8 GHz to 30.7 GHz with a maximum 3dB bandwidth variation from 660 MHz to 870 MHz.
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Renew MTT-S and IEEE Memberships Now

Renew your memberships to continue developing your career, accessing essential networking opportunities, and receiving other exclusive IEEE benefits—including discounted memberships for IEEE Societies. Enhance your IEEE membership by joining a Society specializing in your technical interests for as little as US$10 per year, and join Technical Communities without charge.
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More-Stable Broadband 400 GHz Common-Base Amp

The indium phosphide (InP) 130 nm double-heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT) offers milliwatts of output power and high signal amplification in the lower end of the terahertz frequency band when used in a common-base configuration...but it has shown limitations as bandwidth and carrier frequency increase. Adding a series resistor at the collector terminal of the common-base transistor prevents instabilities and enables a state-of-the-art performance.
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Coming Up: Semiconductor ICs, Microwaves & RF

Reminder: Papers, Workshops, and Micro Apps for IMS 2022 (Denver, CO, 19-24 June 2022) are due 7 Dec. Upcoming MTT-S sponsored conferences include: BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor ICs (BCICTS, Monterey, CA, 5–8 Dec.), Microwaves and RF (IMARC, Lucknow, India, 17-19 Dec. ), Radio & Wireless Week (RWW: RWS, PAWR, SIRF, WISNET, SHARC, & IoT Summit, Las Vegas, NV, 16-19 Jan. 2022), European Microwave Week (EuMIC, EuMC, EuRAD, London, 12-18 Feb.) and more.
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