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IEEE Committee on RFID Newsletter
 January 2015
In this issue
  • From the Editor
  • Intelligent Society Joins RFID
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Events of Interest
  • Conference Visits
  • Transitioning to a Council
  • Standards News
IEEE RFID Virtual Journal
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Feature articles in this issue include:
  • Split ring antennas-A Less Explored Antenna Type in Far Field RFID Tags
  • Wireless Battery-free Sensors: IC-Based and SAW-Based Sensing Technology
CRFID Technical Community Membership
The CRFID technical community is open to any IEEE member who is interested in in RFID research and applications.


From the Editor
by Vasileios Lakafosis, Editor in Chief, CRFID Newsletter

2014 was a great year for the CRFID community. The proposal for transitioning to provisional Council status was presented. Phase 1 proposal for our first and only archiveable journal - IEEE Journal on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - was introduced. Four conferences were successfully co-sponsored. We welcomed our newest member society, Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. The number of our community members grew to 1,750. The activities of our Distinguished Lecturers fostered our member-to-member activities and helped engage new members.

This growth is reflected on the ever-increasing engagement within the academia and in the industry, especially heathcare, retail and government. In October 2014, Google search returned 5.45 million results on "RFID" with Google Scholar accounting for 621,000. In the same year, IEEE Xplore returned 30,592 results, when the same number was 1733 in 2010. Passive RFID tag market saw tremendous volume growth by US$1.12 billion tags in 2014 to $6.9 billion, according to IDTechEx. The total RFID market was worth US$8.89 billion, up from US$7.77 billion in 2013 and US$6.96 billion in 2012. As an example, fashion retailer Zara announced its intention to roll out RFID to approximately 2,000 stores by 2016 as part of its shelf-level stock replenishment project.

The Council on RFID plans on continuing the successes of the Committee on RFID in working with industry, conferences, publications, and services to its members and IEEE. There is a lot on the agenda for the coming year. 2015 holds exciting new opportunities and challenges for the growth of our community and we cannot wait to share some of them in this first issue of the year!

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society Joins RFID
by Emily Sopensky, 2015 CRFID Chair

With the new year, we are delighted to welcome our newest member to the CRFID fold, the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). CRFID now comprises 10 member societies.

ITSS will be represented by Wei-Bin Zhang, ITSS VP Conference Activities. He is Professor, University of California, Berkeley, California PATH Program. The alternate representative from ITSS is Professor Liuqing Yang, Colorado State University. Of note, both representatives are recently minted IEEE Fellows.

RFID is an integral part of many ITS infrastructures, from electronic tolling to gauging the tire pressure in your car. From the ITSS field of interest: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are those utilizing synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve transportation systems of all kinds. The ITS Society advances the theoretical, experimental, and operational aspects of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies as applied to ITS. The Society is interested in theoretical, experimental and operational aspects of electrical and electronics engineering and information technologies as applied to ITS, defined as those systems utilizing synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve transportation systems of all kinds.

Welcome ITSS!
Upcoming Conferences

These conferences are sponsored by CRFID:

15-17 April 2015, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA

The 2015 IEEE International Conference on RFID is now accepting original, high-impact research papers on RFID-related topics. Topic areas include: internet of things, antennas and propagation, applications and software, circuits, devices and interrogators, energy harvesting and wireless power, localization, protocols and security, and sensors.

Visit our Web site for more details.

The sixth annual IEEE conference on RFID Technology and Applications (RFID-TA) will be held 16-18 September 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

This technical conference will provide:
  • A venue for leading researchers, developers, and businessmen to discuss the latest developments in RFID technology;
  • Insight into best practices for utilizing RFID for your business;
  • Access to the 17th AutoID and Communications Expo, the largest trade show in Japan related to automatic identification technology such as RFID, barcode, and sensors.
Events of Interest
  • International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2015 Student Design Competition on RFID tag sensitivity
    • 19 May 2015 in Phoenix, AZ, USA
    • Chaired by Prof. Smail Tedjini and Dr. Apostolos Georgiadis
    • Student teams are invited to provide their designs of a UHF RFID tag with minimum sensitivity. All designs will use the same RFID inlay (AKtag from TAGSYS: a chip with inductive loop) provided by the organizers. The minimum interrogation power required to activate the tag at a 1m distance and frequency 915 MHz using a commercial reader, will determine the winner.
    • The winner of the competition will be recognized at the Student Awards Luncheon at the 2015 International Microwave Symposium. Faculty members are encouraged to introduce this as a project for their students in order to acquaint them to system and circuit level design. This competition is sponsored by the technical committee on RFID Technologies (MTT-24).

A Report on Recent Committee on RFID Conferences
by William Lumpkins, Sr. Member IEEE, VP of Engineering O & S Services LLC., CRFID Chair 2013-2014

As the Chair of the IEEE Committee on RFID for 2013-2014 it has been my honor to be able to attend multiple conferences for our member societies promoting our cause, awareness of RFID as an enabling technology. I was also able to attend the 2014 IEEE Committee on RFID Conference held in Orlando, Florida 8-10 April at the Orange County Convention Center. This conference is unique in the sense that it brings together nine different IEEE Societies: Antennas and Propagation Society, Circuits and Systems Society, Communications Society, Consumer Electronics Society, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, Solid-State Circuits Society, Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society, Vehicular Technology Society and the Intelligent Transportation Society in sharing developing products and advances in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

CRFID Member Booth Courtesy of O & S Services LLC

One on the annual events at the IEEE RFID conference is the Student Competition, this year's theme was Energy Harvesting, and Marcin Morys and his team won with their "Rectenna" design merging a rectifier with antenna to be able to power a 2 ~ 3 mA LED seen below.

Student Competition Winner Marcin Morys with his Rectenna Energy Harvesting project Photo Courtesy of O & S Services LLC

While at the IEEE RFID Conference, I had the opportunity to meet with Mark Robinton, Technology Innovation Manager, Identification Technologies, HID Global. Mark showed me HID's newest application for the NFC (Near Field Communication) Trusted Tag services. HID Trusted Tag Services works with any NFC-enabled mobile phone, enabling the automatic generation of a onetime password to authenticate proof-of-presence for applications such as Electronic Visitor Verification (EVV) or the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Media Industry, as well as a wide range of additional "Internet of Things" applications. The interface authenticates the tag and subsequently any object to which the tag is attached.

The last Conference that I was able to attend for the Committee on RFID was in Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands). I attended the IEEE 2014 Sections Congress, where all the representatives from all the Sections in the world come once every three years to meet and share ideas. I was able to attend for the Committee on RFID, we were showcasing RFID in Gaming systems and Energy Harvesting and promoting the idea of creating RFID Chapter next year with the hopeful change of the CRFID from a committee to a council. Fortunately, the CRFID booth was next to our CE Society booth, which made promotion much easier. At the booth, we passed out Red "Got RFID?" buttons. The photo below shows our booth at the conference.

IEEE Sections Congress 2014 CRFID Booth

The photo below is a picture of the various Future Direction and new initiative groups that IEEE is promoting including the Committee on RFID (which the Consumer Electronics Society is an integral member).

Picture of Future Direction and new Initiatives that IEEE is promoting Photo Courtesy of O & S Services LLC.

Feel free to submit your comments or suggestions to me at

Transitioning to a Council

A summary of the presentation to the Technical Activities Board (TAB)

by Emily Sopensky - 2015 Chair, IEEE Technical Committee on RFID

In April 2014, the CRFID voted to transition to a Council status, which affords more opportunities for us as an organization.

In November, I presented to the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) on CRFID transitioning to Council. The feedback was positive. We are invited to present in the February 2015 meeting where a vote will be called. If it passes then we would be in provisional status for a year.

The value of the proposed transition is summarized here:
  • Cement the IEEE investment in an important technology essential in today's mobile environment.
  • CRFID is primarily industry-based (rather than the predominant academic base for many of the socities and councils). RFID systems and technologies are the basis of applications that exist in a broad array of industries and domains.
  • Through its inter-disciplinary approach, the CRFID fosters RFID innovations that cannot be achieved through a narrow technical focus only.
  • Member-to-member activities can be unleashed by supporting IEEE Sections, Chapters and Regional organizational units through the CRFID's Distinguished Lecturer program and chapter activities.
CRFID is positioned to:
  • Stay current with related emerging technical activities, and to advise IEEE in new and emerging fields, such as indoor positioning and navigation, structural electronics, wearable technology, intelligent packaging, printed electronics, as well as areas of declining technical importance.
  • CRFID is positioned to encourage and promote inter-disciplinary work and research within RFID systems, technologies, and applications. The cross-functional nature of CRFID's origins provides opportunities to forge new perspectives and solutions.
The goals as Council are as follows:
  • The Council on RFID plans on continuing the successes of the Committee on RFID in working with industry, conferences, publications, and services to its members and IEEE.
  • We take a conservative approach to growth, reflecting the growth of the industry.
  • Further, the Council looks forward to establishing chapters and joint chapters.

Standards News

Biometrics standards working group

In 2014, CRFID began its formal activities, among others, with the IEEE Standards Association. The first action was to sponsor the Working Group for Biometrics Open Protocol. CRFID introduced the biometrics standard and jointly sponsored with Communications Society; IEEE P2410: Working Group for Biometrics Open Protocol (BOPS). The CRFID technical community is open to any IEEE member who is interested in in RFID research and applications.

CRFID is pleased to announce that the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) will be joining CRFID in 2015.

CRFID Member Societies


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