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IEEE CRFID Newsletter
  October 2014
In this issue
  • From the Editor
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Education News
  • Standards News
IEEE RFID Virtual Journal
The latest issue of IEEE RFID Virtual Journal is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE RFID Virtual Journal subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

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Feature articles in this issue include:
  • Split ring antennas-A Less Explored Antenna Type in Far Field RFID Tags
  • Wireless Battery-free Sensors: IC-Based and SAW-Based Sensing Technology
CRFID Technical Community Membership
The CRFID technical community is open to any IEEE member who is interested in in RFID research and applications.

CRFID is pleased to announce that the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) will be joining CRFID in 2015.


From the Editor
by Vasileios Lakafosis, Editor in Chief, CRFID Newsletter

With RFID systems and applications going beyond just identification and enabling exciting sensing capabilities and providing solutions to complex problems, this is the most exciting time to be part of the RFID wave; be it the research, the industrial or the commercial aspect of the story.

From the RFID Committee (CRFID) point of view, this is clearly reflected on the vast array of work items undertaken by the Committee right now and the tremendous interest in participating in its multiple activities - almost 1,750 IEEE members have joined the community since June 2013.

Having said that, it is an exceptional honor for me to assume the role of the Editor of this very first issue of CRFID. Having completed my PhD degree at Georgia Tech in this field and afterward pursuing a career as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, I have had the opportunity to contribute to and appreciate the importance of RFID hardware-software co-design and have come to see joint collaborations within academia and between academia and industry bring very promising results.

Regular sections in every issue of the CRFID Newsletter will be an update for upcoming conferences and calls for papers, as well as news pertaining to publications, education, standards, and Distinguished Lecturer program and the CRFID technical community membership.

Information for Contributors: Announcements, feature articles, book and meetings reviews, opinions, professional activities, report abstracts, letters to the editor, and other material of interest to the CRFID community are solicited. Please submit electronic material for consideration to me at

Upcoming Conferences

These conferences are sponsored by CRFID:

15-17 April 2015, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA

The 2015 IEEE International Conference on RFID is now accepting original, high-impact research papers on RFID-related topics. Topic areas include: internet of things, antennas and propagation, applications and software, circuits, devices and interrogators, energy harvesting and wireless power, localization, protocols and security, and sensors.

Visit our Web site for more details.

The sixth annual IEEE conference on RFID Technology and Applications (RFID-TA) will be held 16-18 September 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

This technical conference will provide:
  • A venue for leading researchers, developers, and businessmen to discuss the latest developments in RFID technology;
  • Insight into best practices for utilizing RFID for your business;
  • Access to the 17th AutoID and Communications Expo, the largest trade show in Japan related to automatic identification technology such as RFID, barcode, and sensors.
These conferences are "of interest" to CRFID:

Education News

CRFID is Ramping up Student Design Competition

by Gregory D. Durgin, CRFID Vice Chair, Education

To capitalize on senior design projects that most U.S. engineering schools include in their undergrad curriculum, the CRFID Education Committee is setting up for an exciting design expo that will coincide with our flagship conference held in the spring of each year.

In 2015, IEEE RFID will be held in San Deigo, CA - home to many technology companies and engineering schools. We have a pledge from one of the patrons to assist with competitions for our other annual conference, RFID-TA.

With Giselle Bennet, the Patron Chair for the IEEE RFID 2014, we are planning a senior design competition that will run concurrent with the U.S. schools timeframe (April) when seniors are finishing up in their design schedule. There will be a patronage tie-in with companies providing travel support for participating student teams. It is hoped that this will also serve to help introduce undergraduate students (and graduate students) to potential employers. In the 4th Quarter, we expect to target professors, society channels, and even Linked In for advertising this competition. We see this as an experiment to attract university senior design teams and demonstrations as avenue for increasing student and industry participation in the conference.

CRFID also supports student travel grant programs to each of its conferences. CRFID's budget includes a yearly line item specifically for this funding. Each conference selects the individuals to receive grants based on the student's application, need, and availability of funds. CRFID has recently added priority to student travel grant awards from institutions new to the IEEE RFID conferences.

Standards News
by Sharon Peng, CRFID Vice President of Standards

The Standards Committee (SC) was established to create and support the Standards development that relates to the CRFID Field of Interest. The committee has started working with IEEE Standards Association (SA) and the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) on setting up the framework required of all IEEE organizations participating in standards development.

The CRFID SC created the operating Policies and Procedures (P&P) document, which has been approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board (SASB) and TAB. Standard activity – we have an intiated aPAR. IEEE MEMES group started a working group on RFID, biometrics, sensors and wireless. It tackles healthcare and Internet of Things applications open protocol. CRFID’s first action was to sponsor the Working Group for Biometrics Open Protocol.

Distinguished Lecturer Program

by Paul Hartmann, Chair, CRFID Distinguished Lecturer Program

The CRFID’s Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program is live.

We hope to provide interesting and informative programs to serve the needs of IEEE members including enhancing their professional vitality with information on new technological developments and applications in the theory and applications of RFID. We are in the process of identifying these lecturers.

In the CRFID budget, we have established a fund to be used as matching funds for lecturers. Applications for a lecturer may be made by any IEEE Operating Unit or DL with an established venue and schedule. The lecture should be open to all members of IEEE. The host organization is expected to publicize the event via electronic media.

Don’t forget to talk to your local section about engaging one of the distinguished lecturers for your section’s programming. Also, if you are interested in becoming a CRFID DL, please contact me. I will need a biographical sketch, abstracts of two lectures, and availability for lectures during the program year.

CRFID Member Societies



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