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IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter
 2nd Quarter 2016
In this issue
  • IEEE Sensors Conferences
  • IEEE SENSORS 2019 Bid Package Information
  • IEEE SENSORS 2015 Proceedings
  • R!oT VII Recap
  • Member Society Spotlight
  • 2016 IEEE Panel of Editors
  • IEEE Sensors Journal Most Downloaded
  • New Requirement for IEEE Authors
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IEEE Sensors Journal
The latest issue of IEEE Sensors Journal is in the mail and retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Sensors Journal subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Jan 2016 IEEE Sensors Journal

Some of the feature articles in this issue:
  • "Toward Environmental-Adaptive Visible Light Communications Receivers for Automotive Applications: A Review"
  • "Metaheuristics for the Lifetime of WSN: A Review"
  • "A Proof-of-Concept System to Analyze Joint Sounds in Real Time for Knee Health Assessment in Uncontrolled Settings"
  • "Object Localization and Size Measurement Using Networked Address Event Representation Imagers"
  • "GFAP Antibody Detection Using Interdigital Coplanar Waveguide Immunosensor"
  • "The Response of a Heat Loss Flowmeter in a Water Pipe Under Changing Flow Conditions"
  • "Design and Fabrication of a Superconducting Relative Gravimeter With a Planar Spring"
  • "Fiber Bragg Gratings Hydrogen Sensor for Monitoring the Degradation of Transformer Oil"
  • "Precision and Accuracy in UHF-RFID Power Measurements for Passive Sensing"

IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoT-J)

The IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoT-J) began publication in 2014. All IoT-J papers are now available in IEEE Xplore.

The IoT-J solicits original papers, review papers, and proposals for special issues. Topics of interest include IoT technologies, IoT services and system architecture, IoT enabling applications, and the social implications of IoT. Submission of manuscripts are accepted at the Manuscript Central website.

Visit our website for more information on special issues.

IEEE Sensors Council Chapters

Interested in meeting like-minded people in your area?

Visit the Chapters page on our website to find a Sensors Council Chapter near you.

IEEE Sensors Council E-mail List
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About the IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter

The IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter includes news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Sensors Journal.

IEEE SENSORS Conferences

IEEE SENSORS 2016 will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA 30 October - 3 November 2016. Visit our website for more information. View the call for papers.

Important Dates:
  • Proposals for Organized Sessions: 23 May 2016
  • Proposals for Tutorials: 23 May 2016
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 25 May 2016

IEEE SENSORS 2017 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland 29 October - 1 November 2017.

IEEE Inertial Sensors 2017 conference will be held in Kauai, Hawaii 28-30 March 2017.

View the Call for Papers

Topics include:
  • Sensors Phenomena and Modeling
  • Sensor Systems
  • Low-cost Manufacturing
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Advanced Test and Evaluation
  • Aiding Technology
  • Emerging Applications
Important dates:
  • Abstract Submission: 1 October 2016
  • Notification of Acceptance: 1 December 2016
  • Late News Submission: 5 January 2017
  • Author Registration/Final Paper Deadline: 1 February 2017
IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors (IEEE VCACS)

This new virtual conference series is focused on Young Professionals and students who have produced working electronic prototypes for interesting applications using sensors and microprocessors.

IEEE VCACS 2016 paper and presentation submissions are now open.

Please visit the VCACS 2016 website for more information.

IEEE SENSORS 2019 Bid Package Information

Our goal is to select conference venues three years in advance. IEEE SENSORS 2019 will be held in IEEE Region 7, 8, and 9 (the Americas). Decisions about future locations are made by the IEEE Sensors Council Administrative Committee at the IEEE SENSORS Conference (usually held in November). Letters of Intent to bid for SENSORS 2019 will be accepted through 1 May 2016. Those selected to submit formal bids will be contacted and will have until 31 July 2016 to submit formal bids. Bids should be submitted to Judy Scharmann,, with CC to Yu-Cheng Lin,

Please visit our website to view the conference bid package requirements.

IEEE SENSORS 2015 Proceedings

IEEE SENSORS 2015 proceedings are now available in IEEE Xplore including recorded presentations wherever there is a "Media" icon in the Table of Contents.

R!oT VII Recap

On Tuesday February 2nd, we held the first R!oT event of 2016: North Carolina and the Smart City Ecosystem.

The crowd of 350 packed the NC Museum of Natural History. The R!oT community heard a wonderful explanation of the true value of smart cities from Jennifer Robinson, Director of Local Government Solutions at SAS. We then heard about the Town of Cary's smart water metering system, Aquastar, from Karen Mills, Finance Director of Cary.

Dr. Sokwoo Rhee finished out the evening explaining how NC can get involved in the Global Cities Team Challenge. We were thrilled to hear Dr. Rhee say that he's never seen anything quite like the R!oT community. We are a good way.

Finally, we were excited to announce the launch of R!oT ED. This IoT education series has separate tracks for both engineers and the not-so-tech savvy. We'll share registration links soon.

Download the all of the evening's presentations.

Stay tuned for links on upcoming R!oT events, R!oT ED registration, and how to get involved in the Global Cities Team Challenge.

Member Society Spotlight
The Sensors Council currently has 26 member societies. Each quarter we will feature a number of our member societies in the "Member Society Spotlight." To view a full list of our member societies, visit our website.

This quarter, we spotlight the IEEE Electron Devices Society and IEEE Industry Applications Society.

The field of interest for the IEEE Electron Devices Society is all aspects of engineering, physics, theory, experiment and simulation of electron and ion devices involving insulators, metals, organic materials, plasmas, semiconductors, quantum-effect materials, vacuum, and emerging materials. Specific applications of these devices include bioelectronics, biomedical, computation, communications, displays, electro and micro mechanics, imaging, micro actuators, optical, photovoltaics, power, sensors and signal processing.

The scope of the Industry Applications Society, as a transnational organization, is the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and controls to the processes and equipment of industry and commerce; the promotion of safe, reliable and economic installations; industry leadership in energy conservation and environmental, health, and safety issues; the creation of voluntary engineering standards and recommended practices; and the professional development of its membership.
2016 IEEE Panel of Editors
IEEE will be hosting the Panel of Editors 7-9 April 2016 in San Diego, CA, USA. IEEE Sensors Council VP of Publications, John Vig and IEEE Sensors Journal EIC, Krikor Ozanyan will be attending.

IEEE Sensors Council Spring AdCom Meeting
The Sensors Council AdCom 2016 Spring meeting will be held in La Jolla, CA, USA 10-11 April 2016.

IEEE Sensors Journal Most Downloaded Papers
Each month, IEEE makes available the list of the 50 most downloaded IEEE Sensors Journal papers for the previous month. The latest list is now available. Each quarter, authors of the most downloaded papers receive a letter from the Sensors Council President acknowledging them for their impressive accomplishment.

View the archive of the most downloaded articles since 2011.

New Requirement for IEEE Authors
Many author names in IEEE Xplore are not unique. For example, there are more than 60,000 authors whose last name is Kim, more than 30,000 whose last name is Zhang, and more than 10,000 each whose last name is Smith, Nguyen, Kumar or Singh. An authors name can also change; e.g., as a result of marriage.

How is one to determine which C. Park an author is when there are more than 13,780 C. Parks in IEEE Xplore? By the end of 2016, IEEE require an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) from authors of papers submitted to a periodical, with a similar requirement on conference submissions to follow. ORCID is a nonproprietary and persistent alphanumeric code to uniquely identify an author, just like the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), uniquely identifies each article with a nonproprietary and persistent alphanumeric code. An example of an ORCID is "" Researchers may obtain an ORCID for free at Further information may be found at their website.

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