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IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter
2nd Quarter 2015
In this issue
  • New Virtual Conference
  • IEEE Sensors Conference
  • WF-IoT Conference
  • IEEE Sensors Council Standards Activities
  • Solar Aid Outreach Program
  • IEEE Sensors Journal Most Downloaded Papers
  • Industry Liason Committee
Connect with Sensors Council
IEEE Sensors Journal
The latest issue of IEEE Sensors Journal is in the mail and retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Sensors Journal subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Jun 2015 IEEE Sensors Journal

Some of the feature articles in this issue:
  • "Use of TEDS to Improve Performances of Smart Biomedical Sensors and Instrumentation"
  • "A Reduced Reference Distortion Measure for Performance Improvement of Smart Cameras"
  • "Proposed Security Mechanism for XMPP-Based Communications of ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Sensor Networks"
  • "Smart Lighting System ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Compatible"
  • "Low-Complexity Error Correction for ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-5 Sensor and Actuator Networks"
  • "A Low-Cost Configurable ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-7-Compatible Sensor Tag"
  • "New Object Detection, Tracking, and Recognition Approaches for Video Surveillance Over Camera Network"
  • "SoI Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for Radiation Detection Applications: A Review"
  • "Temperature Sensor Based on Quantum Dots Solution Encapsulated in Photonic Crystal Fiber"

IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IOT-J)

The IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoT-J) began publication in 2014. All IoT-J papers are now available in IEEE Xplore.

The IoT-J solicits original papers, review papers, and proposals for special issues. Topics of interest include IoT system architecture, IoT enabling technologies, IoT services and applications, and the social implications of IoT. Submission of manuscripts are accepted at the Manuscript Central Web site.

Visit our Web site for more information on special issues.

IEEE Sensors Council Chapters

Interested in meeting like-minded people in your area?

Visit the Chapters page on our Web site to find a Sensors Council Chapter near you.

IEEE Sensors Council Distinguished Lecturers

The Sensors Council currently has two Distinguished Lecturers (DL's): Brian Cunningham and Elfed Lewis. To request more information concerning these two DL's please contact Hulya Kirkici. For information regarding the DL Program, visit our Web site.

Sensors Council News
Sensors Council Member-at-Large, Sandro Carrara, and his team at EPFL are in the news. View the article.

IEEE Sensors Council E-mail List
Visit our Web site to sign up!


About the IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter

The IEEE Sensors Council Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Sensors Journal.

Announcing the IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors (VCACS):

The IEEE Sensors Council and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS) have initiated the IEEE Virtual Conference on Applications of Commercial Sensors; a new virtual conference for the electronics 'maker' generation. College students who have designed and prototyped interesting microprocessor/sensor systems in class-project teams are the initial focus. Application papers based on their team project technical reports covering the design and fabrication process will be published in the conference proceedings via IEEE Xplore. The virtual conference will start with a series of tutorials from companies making sensors, microprocessor development systems, and/or software design tools. Other tutorials from academic institutions will also be offered. For more information, please visit the conference Web site.
Important Dates:
  • Submission Opened: 15 April 2015
  • Submission Closes: 15 August 2015
  • Virtual Sessions Begin: 15 June 2015
  • Virtual Sessions End: 15 October 2015
To submit a paper, please visit the VCACS 2015 submission site.


IEEE SENSORS 2015 will be held 1-4 November 2015 in Busan, Korea. IEEE SENSORS 2015 is beginning to solicit Late News Paper submissions and Open Poster submissions. View the latest announcement for details.

Important Dates:
Notification of Paper Acceptance: 1 July 2015
Late News Paper Submission Opens: 15 July 2015
Late News Paper Submission Deadline: 14 August 2015
Late News Paper Review Notification: 28 August 2015

Submission of Final Papers: 1 September 2015
Open Poster Submission Opens: 7 September 2015
Open Poster Submission Deadline: 18 September 2015
Open Posters Review Notifications: 25 September 2015

Visit the conference Web site for more information.

IEEE SENSORS 2016 will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA from 30 October - 3 November 2016.

IEEE SENSORS 2017 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.
Options for Speaking at IEEE SENSORS 2015

Did you know that there are four ways to submit your work for presentation at SENSORS 2015? The deadline for the first option (two-page Abstracts) was 25 May. Authors submitting abstracts will be notified of acceptance in about a month. If you missed that deadline you still have three more options.

Option two is to submit a Late News paper (deadline: 14 August). These papers are fully peer reviewed, an attractive option for some academic authors. Authors submit four-page papers that are accepted as-is, or rejected. Revisions are not possible. Accepted papers are inserted into lecture sessions, and are published in the Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

The third option is our new Industry Track (deadline: 14 August). These submissions require a one-page abstract and are evaluated on a rapid review cycle. The submissions are not published in the Conference Proceedings or in IEEE Xplore. Instead, they are distributed at the conference to attendees on electronic media. Companies are encouraged to present the technologies behind their products; pure marketing presentations are not appropriate.

If you prefer a less formal submission, option four is Open Posters (deadline: 18 September). This option is for authors who want to explore new ideas and concepts with colleagues in the profession. Candidate posters (size limit is 100 cm. width x 140 cm. height) are submitted and are evaluated in a rapid review cycle for appropriateness for the technical scope of the conference. Like our Industry Track submissions, Open Posters are not published in the Conference Proceedings or in IEEE Xplore. Instead, they are distributed at the conference to attendees on electronic media.

----------------------- IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2015

The 2nd IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2015 (WF-IoT) will take place from 14-16 December 2015 in Milan, Italy. The organizing committee seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate IoT technologies and applications for the benefit of society. To view details on submitting materials, visit our Web site.

IEEE Sensors Council Standards Activities

Following initial discussions on Standards activities during the first workshop last year in Valencia, the Sensors Council (SC) is now working fast to close the gap and working closely with IEEE Standards Activities group. The Standards committee has been formed and over the past few weeks the Sensors Council has held a couple of meetings to explore the areas for new standards and to discuss participation in some standards related activities in the future.

On 15 May 2015, Dr. Ravinder Dahiya represented IEEE Sensors Council at Industry Day of 2015 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENSYMP 2015) at Ahmedabad, India. With about 100 delegates in attendance, the industry day focused on areas such as healthcare and future of the internet. Industry leaders from companies such as Philips, Wipro, Arm, Tata Consultancy Services, gave the lectures on mobile health, and Internet of Things. Issues such as interoperability of technology among the future areas of growth were discussed during the day. Dr. Dahiya introduced the IEEE Sensors Council and its standards related activities and also discussed the case of standard on wearable and conformable systems. The need for standards, and the potential areas for standards were also discussed.

The next SC standards-related activities will be the IEEE SENSORS 2015 Industry Track (4 Nov, Busan, Korea); and the Sensors Workshop 2016 (16-17 Jun at NIST). SC will work with the Member Society Relations Committee to organize standards related workshops at member society conferences. The SC is forming an Industry Liaison Committee, which will coordinate SC's industry initiatives, including the search for new sensor standard topics.

Solar Aid Outreach Program

The IEEE Sensors Council is partnering with the IEEE Photonics Society and SolarAid in a movement to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020. The Sensors Council has pledged US$5,000 to this cause. For more information on SolarAid please visit their Web site.

IEEE Sensors Journal Most Downloaded Papers

Each month, the IEEE makes available the list of the 50 most downloaded IEEE Sensors Journal papers for the previous month. The latest list is now available. Each quarter, authors of the most downloaded papers receive a letter from the Sensors Council President acknowledging their impressive accomplishment.

IEEE Sensors Council Forming an Industry Liason Committee

In order to build closer ties with the sensor industry, the Sensors Council is establishing an Industry Liaison Committee (SC-ILC). The primary focus of this committee will be to organize an Industry Track at the Council's annual IEEE SENSORS Conference. SENSORS 2015 will be held in Busan, Korea, 1-4 November 2015. Busan is an excellent venue for this first Industry Track offering.

The activities planned include sessions on standards and a luncheon panel discussion on a "hot" topic such as wearable sensors. Industry Track speakers will provide only a brief abstract of their presentation and will not publish a formal paper in the SENSORS Conference Proceedings.

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