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IEEE Systems Council Newsletter
 2nd Quarter 2014
In this issue
  • Call for Papers
  • Abstracts Sought
  • News/Upcoming Events
  • Technical Committees
IEEE Systems Journal
The June Issue of IEEE Systems Journal is in the mail and is retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Systems Journal subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of June 2014 IEEE Systems Journal

Feature articles in this issue:
  • "An Innovative Fuzzy Logic Based Approach for Supply Chain Performance Management"
  • "Fuzzy Adaptive Disturbance-Observer-Based Robust Tracking Control of Electrically Driven Free-Floating Space Manipulator"
  • "Modified Symbiotic Evolutionary Learning for Type-2 Fuzzy System"
  • "Brain Computer Interface-Based Smart Living Environmental Auto-Adjustment Control System in UPnP Home Networking"
  • "Haptic Microrobotic Cell Injection System"
  • "Vehicular Security Through Reputation and Plausibility Checks"
  • "Interactive Artificial Bee Colony Supported Passive Continuous Authentication System"
  • "Differentiated Virtual Passwords, Secret Little Functions, and Codebooks for Protecting Users From Password Theft"
  • "Hybrid Scheme of Electricity Metering in Smart Grid"
  • "Adaptive Quickest Estimation Algorithm for Smart Grid Network Topology Error"
  • "Privacy-Preserving Power Request in Smart Grid Networks"
  • "Smart Grid Network Optimization: Data-Quality-Aware Volume Reduction"
  • "A Beamforming Approach to Smart Grid Systems Based on Cloud Cognitive Radio"
  • "Network Virtualization for Smart Grid Communications"
  • "Data-Availability-Constrained Placement of PMUs and Communication Links in a Power System"
  • "Achieving Accountability in Smart Grid"
  • "Toward a Secure Wireless-Based Home Area Network for Metering in Smart Grids"
  • "On the Capacity of a Wireless Backhaul for the Distribution Level of the Smart Grid"
  • "Effects of Communication Network Performance on Dynamic Pricing in Smart Power Grid"
  • "Data Traffic Scheduling for Cyber Physical Systems With Application in Voltage Control of Distributed Generations: A Hybrid System Framework"


About the IEEE Systems Council Newsletter

Engineers today start their careers with excellent technical skills and subject matter. The Systems Council Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Systems Journal.

IEEE Systems Journal - Call for Papers

The journal in intended to stimulate awareness, appreciation and utilization of systems thinking and the supporting systems engineering disciplines, especially for complex systems, systems-of-systems, and complex cyber-physical systems, across many domains and application areas.

Do not miss the opportunity of submitting your most recent results for possible publication in the IEEE Systems Journal! To prepare and submit your manuscript please follow these instructions.

Significantly extended and expanded versions of papers previously published in conference proceedings can be submitted, provided that sufficient original material and innovative aspects are included (description of the extensions beyond the conference paper should be provided at the time of submission).

Abstracts Now being Accepted!

The 9th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference will be held 13-16 April 2015 in Vancouver, BC Canada, at the Marriott Hotel, in downtown Vancouver.

This conference seeks to create an interactive forum for the advancement of the practice of systems engineering across the multiple disciplines and specialty areas associated with the engineering of complex systems. The conference will provide a venue for systems engineering practitioners, managers, researchers, and educators to exchange innovative concepts, ideas, applications, and lessons learned addressing:
  • Applications-oriented topics on large-scale systems and system-of-systems in various topics;
  • Systems engineering, education, standards, processes and methodologies for the system-of-systems environment;
  • Research opportunities and results relating to system-of-systems and complex systems.
Abstract due date is 1 November 2014 with acceptance notification 15 December 2014 and manuscript due date of 15 February 2015.

Submit abstracts through EDAS; If you do not have an EDAS account you may create one. Go to the "submit paper" tab and select "IEEE SysCon 2015" from the list.

To see the formal Call for Papers and more information on the specific topics addressed by the conference, visit the Web site.

News/Upcoming Events

The First IEEE International Symposium on Systems was held as part of the 8th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON). It was held 31 March - 3 April 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The theme of the conference was Engineering of Complex Systems, to include Systems-of-systems, Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, and Systems Thinking.

The 9th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference will be held 13-16 April 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The theme is to include Systems-of-systems, Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, and Systems Thinking.

The First IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering will be held in Rome, Italy in late 2015. This will be a great opportunity to put together people working in the systems engineering area, to develop knowledge and networks, fruitful for the development of our own careers.

IEEE Systems Council Technical Committees

Call for Participation

To participate in the following slate of TCs (existing and new start-ups), please contact Roger Oliva, VP Technical Operations for the Systems Council. Four new Technical Committees are already in-development and others are being prepared for launch.

Please visit our Web site for more information.

Current list of Technical Committies:
  • Standards
  • Systems Engineering Education
  • Large Scale Systems Integration to Secure Critical Infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy in Complex Information Systems
  • Systems Biology
  • Intelligent Transportation Design
  • Workforce Development
  • Industrial Interfaces
  • Geospatial
  • Information Fusion
  • Nuclear Energy
  • High Speed Rail
  • Power Integration
  • Geology
  • Physics

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