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IEEE Systems Council Newsletter
 3rd Quarter 2014
In this issue
  • Upcoming Events
  • IEEE Systems Journal
  • Technical Committees
  • Distinguished Lecturers
  • Sponsorship News
  • Systems Council AdCom
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IEEE Systems Journal
The September Issue of IEEE Systems Journal is in the mail and retrievable now from IEEE Xplore, the IEEE online digital library.

All IEEE Systems Journal subscribers can access the online edition using their IEEE Account.

Image of Sept 2014 IEEE Systems Journal

Feature articles in this issue include:
  • "Embedded Driver-Assistance System Using Multiple Sensors for Safe Overtaking Maneuver"
  • "Security and Robustness by Protocol Testing"
  • "A Comparative Effectiveness Evaluation of Map Construction Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • "Experimental Investigations for Distributed Networked Control Systems"
  • "Accommodating the Variable Timing of Software AES Decryption on Mobile Receivers"
  • "Information Hiding Based on Block Match Coding for Vector Quantization-Compressed Images"
  • "Information Hiding Based on Block Match Coding for Vector Quantization-Compressed Images"
  • "A Study of Quota-Based Dynamic Network Selection for Multimode Terminal Users"
  • "Active and Seamless Handover Control of Multi-Camera Systems With 1-DoF Platforms"
  • "Learning Area Coverage for a Self-Sufficient Hexapod Robot Using a Cyclic Genetic Algorithm"


About the IEEE Systems Council Newsletter

Engineers today start their careers with excellent technical skills and subject matter. The Systems Council Newsletter includes time sensitive news useful to its members and highlights content of the current issue of IEEE Systems Journal.

Upcoming Events

Are you interested in an IEEE premier conference on complex systems and systems-of-systems? The 9th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference is coming 13-16 April 2015 in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. This conference attracts practitioners and researchers on the general topic of complex and large-scale systems, covering systems engineering, education, architecture, model-based engineering, cybersecurity, and more. All applications areas are covered including space and communications, transportation, aerospace and defense, energy, gaming and entertainment, and more.

View the Call for Papers. Contact the General Chair, Bob Rassa, with any questions.

The first IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering will be held in Rome, Italy in the Fall of 2015. This will be a great opportunity to network with those in the systems engineering field, develop new knowledge, and pursue fruitful development of your Systems career. Check the Systems Council Web site for updates concerning this event.

IEEE Systems Journal

Do you have an applications or research paper on complex systems and systems of systems? The IEEE Systems Council publishes the IEEE Systems Journal on a quarterly basis and is continuously seeking landmark papers on select topics. The Systems Journal is the IEEE main journal for the publication of systems oriented theoretical- and applied-research results. It is intended to stimulate awareness, appreciation and utilization of systems thinking and of the supporting systems engineering disciplines, especially for complex systems, systems-of-systems, and complex cyber-physical systems, across many domains and application areas. Journal circulation is growing rapidly, with many citations resulting in increased impact factor of 1.746 as of 2013.

The IEEE Systems Journal publishes several special issues and sections on key topics in systems engineering, such as service systems, complex measurement systems, and security and privacy in complex systems. Upcoming special issues will cover system safety and safety-critical systems, risk analytics in industrial systems, intelligent Internet of Things, traffic forensics, cognitive-inspired networks, Internet of Vehicles, green communications and computing, and much more. Visit our Web site for the Call for Papers. To prepare and submit your manuscript please follow these instructions.

IEEE Systems Council Technical Committees

Call for Participation

The IEEE is committed to excellence and the IEEE Systems Council Technical Committees are designed to flexibly respond to any engineering interests whether they be long or short term ones.
  • Standards developments may require "systems thinking" in order to get to the best solution, most efficiently. Some that come to mind are future hybrid vehicles, vehicle to vehicle communications, and the promotion of simplicity in software design/deployment.
  • Systems Engineering Education continues to seek methods to enable subject matter experts to fully exploit the power of systems engineering. Building the framework for systems applications is a worthwhile goal here.
  • Large Scale Systems Integration requires efficient collaboration of various otherwise unrelated experts for the purpose of de-conflicting priorities while performing large scale integration.
  • Security and Privacy remains a constant concern for people, world-wide. Is there a reason why hardware security cannot be assured?
  • Systems Biology may not be considered to be a new science to many but the reality is that we did not have the tools to do it 20 years ago. With the advent of sub-molecular imaging methods and powerful analytics, solutions to up-to-now evasive disease concerns may be at our fingertips.
  • Intelligent Transportation Design isn't just about building a better vehicle but building the suite of options that enable the type of travel required. From undersea to interplanetary, human being are capable of getting there or at least sending robots.
  • Workforce Development is committed to actively pursuing counsel for young/evolving generations. The plan is to equip them for success.
  • Geology investigations will result in the encouragement for study and prudent application of natural resource decisions from space mining and material re-use.
  • The Technical Community in Physics would look at dark matter, physics behind quantum behavior, gravitational influences on sub-atomic particles, and other phenomena that may be engineered for active use.
  • Analytics and Risk methods are already being employed to take a closer look at Chinese aircraft development. There are no shortage of projects for this team to engage in.
Take a closer look at the committee ideas that are under development.

To participate in one of the TC's, please contact Roger Oliva, VP Technical Operations for the Systems Council. Please view our Web site for more information.

Current list of Technical Committies:
  • Standards
  • Systems Engineering Education
  • Large Scale Systems Integration to Secure Critical Infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy in Complex Information Systems
  • Systems Biology
  • Intelligent Transportation Design
  • Workforce Development
  • Industrial Interfaces
  • Geospatial
  • Information Fusion
  • Nuclear Energy
  • High Speed Rail
  • Power Integration
  • Geology
  • Physics
Distinguished Lecturers

The Systems Council currently has six active Distinguished Lecturers (DL). The purpose of this program is to increase awareness about topics relevant to Systems Council by creating a pool of subject matter experts who are willing to speak to IEEE Chapters, Sections, Societies and Councils. Visit our Web site to view the DL's, find out how to request a DL speech, or apply to become a DL today.

Sponsorship News

The IEEE Systems Council will become an affiliate member of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Technical Community in 2015. The IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative is a "Think Tank of Scientists, Engineers, Academics, Practitioners and lay people" all drawn together with one common passion; to make Transportation Electrification a reality. Through one on one discussions, meetings, conferences, Social Media, and this Web Portal, the IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative shall seek to accelerate the development and implementation of new technologies for the electrification of transportation which is manifested in the electric vehicles (EV) of today and the future.

Systems Council AdCom

The Systems Council met for their Fall AdCom Meeting Telecon on 26 September 2014. Their next meeting will be held at the 9th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, on 16 April 2015. To view the members of the Systems Council AdCom, please visit our Web site.

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