October 2019
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In Memoriam
IAS mourns the loss of two distinguished members

L Bruce McClung passed away on 5 October 2019 at age 82.

Ib Bentzen-Bilkvist passed away on 24 September 2019, just days before his 88th birthday.
IAS Webinars
IAS continues to offer webinars free to IAS members. However, CEU credits now come at a cost to the user. IAS members pay US$25, IEEE members (but not IAS) pay US$35 and non-IEEE member will pay US$50 for PDH credits.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Critical Loads and Service Continuity Management – Mitigating the Impact of Significant Disruptions: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc. webinar presented by Professor Giuseppe Parise


Tuesday, 3 December 2019
Evolving the Next Generation of Distribution Analysis Tools webinar presented by David Montenegro-Martinez

IEEE IAS Supports Women in Engineering (WIE)
IEEE WIE is one of the world’s leaders in changing the face of engineering. Our global network connects nearly 20,000 members in over 100 countries to advance women in technology at all points in their life and career. IEEE WIE members make lifelong friendships, acquire influential mentors, and make a difference for the benefit of humanity. WIE continued the International Leadership Summit program in 2019 as part of the portfolio of global initiatives that focuses on empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and emerging/future technology. With the leadership and creativity of IEEE WIE volunteers, WIE Summits have been extremely successful and have made an outstanding impact on communities around the globe.

The Industry Application Society (IAS) Chapter & Membership Department (CMD) Women in Engineering (WIE) subcommittee provided travel support for IAS members to attend local WIE International Leadership Summits (ILSs). Travel awards were provided for both Student and Professional members and covered a portion of the costs incurred by the recipient to attend a local Leadership summit within their Region. IEEE IAS members from all around the world were encouraged to apply. A total of 89 applications for seven different ILSs were received for the travel grant. Out of which, 16 applicants were selected for six different summits across the world.

Professor Norma Angalai got a chance to attend the AI and Machine Learning ILS in Naperville, IL on 20 September 2019. “It was a very informational and motivational experience for me, as I learned how the latest innovations in technology are taking over the world. I am very thankful to IEEE IAS CMD WIE travel grant program for the support support and encouragement. The summarized experience reports were very satisfying and motivational to read and will help continue programs that support women around the world and give them a platform to engage, be exposed to different aspects of engineering, interact with successful women who can motivate and encourage women to achieve their dreams, and provide direction for their careers.”
IAS is Now Accepting Submissions for the 2020 Myron Zucker Student-Faculty Grant Program
The Industry Application Society is soliciting interested parties to submit proposals to the Myron Zucker Student Faculty Grant Program. The deadline for application submission is 31 March 2019.

Adhering to Mr. Zucker's goal, the principal objectives of the Student-faculty Grant Program are to:
  • interest students and faculty in industry applications of electrical engineering
  • involve students and faculty in engineering problems related to the Scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society
  • provide financial assistance to students for their education
  • provide seed money to allow faculty members to commence or expand teaching, research, or academic concentrations in industry applications of electrical engineering
In general, the program functions much like a research support agency. It is administered by the IEEE Industry Applications Society through its Zucker Grant Committee with the consent of the IEEE Foundation.

The project must be designed to produce publishable results within one year (12 months). The preferred period of performance (for these 12 months) is 1 September through 31 August of the following year. The funding is such that approximately two grants, not exceeding US$25,000 each, can be awarded during each annual proposal cycle.

Visit our website to view the program guidelines.
IEEE Fellow Elevation of IAS member
The IEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives (SLED) 2019 was the opportunity to recognize the elevation to IEEE Fellow of IAS member Prof. Silverio Bolognani. The ceremony has been officed by Prof. Chiara Boccaletti, IEEE-IAS Treasurer.

In the above photo, Prof. Bolognani is in the middle, while on the left there is one of the General co-chairs, Prof. Gianmario Pellegrino of Politecnico di Torino (Polytechnic of Turin), Italy.
APEC 2020
Greg Evans, APEC 2020 Publicity Chair
It’s Never Been a Better Time to be in Power Electronics.

The folks in New Orleans like to say, “laissez le bon temps rouler,” that is “let the good times roll.” And that certainly holds true for all of us in the power electronics industry. Never in the history of electronics has power conversion been more in the forefront. Efficiency is a top priority of nearly every new design. And the latest advances in technology are touching virtually every aspect of our industry, from passive components to semiconductors and packaging. And there just isn’t anywhere else on earth our industry comes together so completely to learn, connect and grow than at the Applied Power Electronics Conference. So, get yourself ready to let those good times roll at APEC 2020 in New Orleans next March.

The Call-for-Papers closed in July with over 1,000 digests submitted. Now the committee and over 100 volunteers have the task of peer-reviewing all of the digests in preparation for selecting the top 500+ papers for the program. In addition, a full roster of Industry Sessions will provide attendees with insights into the latest products and technologies from our Industry partners.

Work continues on the development of the Plenary Session program. The Plenary Session is expected to bring well over 2,000 attendees. In addition, IEEE.tv will, once again, be streaming the entire session, live, for those who can’t make it to APEC by Monday afternoon.

At APEC 2019. Over 1,500 attendees arrived early to take advantage of the weekend and Monday morning Professional Education Seminars. The committee is planning for a repeat of this attendance in 2020.

The exhibit area for APEC 2020 has been expanded and it looks like the exhibit hours will be extended on Tuesday. As always, the APEC exhibits will be buzzing with the latest innovations to make your design job successful.

Registration opens the week of 28 October. Go to www.apec-conf.org to get all the information you need. In addition to making your reservation to attend, you will also be able to book your hotel accommodations. APEC has secured blocks of rooms at the close-in hotels to the convention center. As usual, these rooms will sell out long before next March.

The entire APEC Conference Committee is excited about bringing our Premier Global Event in Applied Power Electronics to New Orleans, 15-19 March 2020. Laissez le bon temps rouler!
The 2019 National Electrical Engineering PhD Student Forum was successfully held in Zhejiang University
On 28 June 2019, the National EE PhD Student Forum was held successfully in Zhejiang University. This forum, which was hosted by Zhejiang University and managed by EE college of Zhejiang University, has accepted 98 articles on related topics. PhD student from 37 Chinese Universities attended the meeting. There are many activities, including a special guest academic seminar, a PhD student academic seminar and expert reviews. It had fully show Chinese EE PhD students’ achievements in scientific research and provide an equal, convenient, 0 distance exchange platform.

Opening ceremony of 2019 National EE PhD Student Forum was held in Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University. Yan Jianhua, Vice President of Zhejiang University, gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He said that coinciding with the establishment of the electrical engineering discipline for a hundred years, we hold the National EE PhD Student Forum to provide high-level and high-level academic exchange platforms for relevant PhD students, to broaden academic ideas, to stimulate theoretical innovation, and to improve academic and innovative capabilities.

The dean of the EE College, Zhejiang University, began with the glorious history of the electrical engineering college spanning nearly a hundred years. He briefly introduced the college and the characteristics and outstanding achievements of postgraduate training and sincerely hoped the participants can enjoy the knowledge in a good academic discussion atmosphere, communicate and share knowledge, improve their academic and innovative capabilities.

Zhou Xiaoxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary dean of the China Electric Power Research Institute, explained the development trend of the power system in the theme report. He believes that the green development and digital revolution are the two driving forces driving the transformation of the power system development model since the new century. The high-energy renewable energy, high-power electronic equipment, multi-energy complementary integrated energy, and intelligent integration of information physics are four main technical characteristics of the new generation of power systems. Deep integration with information and communication technologies, the transformation of traditional power systems with Internet thinking, and construction of energy Internet are key steps in building a new generation of power systems. The wide-scale application brought by advances of energy storage technology and rapidly reduced costs gives brought operational guarantees for a new generation of power systems that achieve a high proportion of renewable energy supply and consumption.

Feng Changgen, former vice president of the China Association for Science and Technology and former vice president of Beijing Institute of Technology, presented the doctoral students with the Ph.D. essay , a book written by him. He told the students it is necessary to deepen the understanding of science and technology from the dimension of time in scientific research; it is necessary to go to the frontiers and difficulties of science and technology, the needs of the economy and society, and the daily life of a well-off society to find a subject beneficial for human beings; it is necessary to fully consider fairness, strive to publish papers, cultivate abstract thinking, attach importance to dialogue and accumulation, avoid irregularities in scientific research, and make yourself a participant in cutting-edge topics and a leading talent in science and technology.
Prof. Patrick Chi-Kwong Luk Delivered an Academic Report at Zhejiang University on The Electric Grid and The Electric Car
Zhejiang University IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter.

Professor of Cranfield University, U.K, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, Prof. Luk delivered an academic report, "Towards a New Energy Eco-System: The Marriage of The Electric Grid and The Electric Car," at Zhejiang University.

On the afternoon of 3 July, on Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter (ZJU IEEE IAS SBC) invited Prof. Luk to deliver an academic presentation. Students from IAS SBC and EE College attended the lecture.

The lecture mainly focused on the future aspect of the convergence of Electric Grid and Electric Car. After introducing the a-hundred-years history of electric power grid industry and car industry, Prof. Luk pointed out that in the last decade, a major challenge faced by fossil-fuel-based industries has arose from the 'energy trilemma,' including energy equity, energy security and environmental sustainability. The lecture explored how recent disruptive technologies and innovative strategies make it possible to converge the grid and EVs. In the end, Prof. Luk concluded that the long-term success depends on the extent of diversity. After the lecture, Prof. Luk shared ideas with students on related issues. He welcomed future visit from students of EE College.
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20th IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering

IEEE EEEIC20 and I&CPS Europe will be held 9-12 June 2020 in Madrid, Spain

Call for Papers

Conference Information

IEEE International conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE2020)
Conference Dates: 2-4 January 2020
Venue: Hotel Le Meridian, Cochin, Kerala, INDIA

About the Conference: PESGRE2020 is a new biennial conference sponsored by IEEE IAS Society. The conference theme is “Power Electronics and renewable energy for sustainable development” and the conference focuses on the latest technologies, strategies, and challenges that are faced by power Electronics systems, Electric Drives, Renewable Energy resources and the interconnection to modern power systems and the operation in the smart grid environment for a better, smarter and more environmentally friendly Power System.

Paper Publication: All presented papers will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore® and will be eligible for submission for review for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

Conference Topics:
Power Electronic Converters and Control Systems
Smart Grid Technology
Renewable Energy Resources
Distributed Generation and Grid Interconnection
Electric Vehicles
Energy Storage & Battery Charging Techniques
FACTS & Custom Power
Power Quality & EMI
Microgrid & Smartgrid
Energy Policies & Standards
Wide Band Gap Devices
Lighting Technology
Power Electronic Education

Important Dates:
Camera-ready Paper: 1 November 2019
Early Bird Registration: 15 November 2019

Conference home page: pesgre2020.org
IEEE International Transportation Electrification Conference-India (ITEC-India) 2019
Conference Dates: 17-19 December 2019
Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore, India
Conference Theme: ITEC INDIA 2019, the 3rd IEEE International Transportation Electrification Conference India is aimed at helping the Industry in the transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles. The conference is focused on components, systems, standards, and grid interface technologies, related to efficient power conversion for all types of electrified transportation, including electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs) as well as heavy duty, rail and off-road.

ITEC INDIA 2019 will present an array of papers across different topics, Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion and Ride & Drive of Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
We hold numerous conferences/workshops throughout the year. Please refer to the IAS Conference page for a full listing.
I&CPS Call for Papers
Deadline 29 November 2019, please see the call for papers for conference details and other deadlines.
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications - Call for Papers
Special issue on Multilevel Converter Applications in the area of Renewable Energy, More Electric Propulsion, Electric Vehicles, and Power Grid Integration
Be Wary of Email Scams Targeting IEEE Members
There is an increase in fraudulent emails that attempt to get personal information. IEEE Executive Director, Stephen Welby, recently sent out a memo to IEEE members and staff to remain alert to the risk of fraudulent emails and to maintain continued vigilance online. He states, “These fraudulent email messages have used spoofed addresses to pose as someone known to the recipient. Fraudulent messages often contain personal details about IEEE members drawn from non-IEEE online sources and from social media sites accessible by search engines. These emails attempt to commit financial fraud by exploiting the professionalism and camaraderie among IEEE members. These fraudulent messages often include a request for urgent assistance and will ask the recipient to transfer funds or goods to a third party.”
Join the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC)
As a member of the IEEE Industry Applications Society, there is no fee to join the community.

TEC focuses on technologies, organizations and projects enable the clean, connected and efficient transportation and vehicular systems of the future. Discussions include electric and hybrid cars and trucks, more-electric aircraft, electric rail and light rail systems, electric ships, off-road vehicles, grid interfaces and other forms of more-electric transportation.

The community discusses key enabling technologies, including batteries and energy storage, battery charging and management, power electronics, electric motors and drives, networked vehicles, fuel cells, wireless power transfer, and system integration. The community takes a leadership role in vehicle to grid (V2G) and grid interaction issues, IEEE standards in transportation and vehicles, high performance electric traction, student electric transportation competitions, and vehicle intelligence.

We are sponsored by nine IEEE Societies, one IEEE Council, and the IEEE Standards Association.

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IAS has a robust Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program. The Society has members from each of the ten IEEE Regions that can speak on a variety of topics.
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An application for Senior membership requires three references unless nominated by a Senior member, and in that case requires two references.

Congratulations to the elected IAS Senior members for 2019.