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2014 Annual Reporting and Rebate Requirements: Due 31 March

All Section officers and Chapter/Affinity Group chairs have been contacted with a reminder that the following annual reports are required to be eligible for a rebate:

Financial activity should be accurately entered into NetSuite as soon as possible but no later than 31 March 2014. In order to be eligible for the 10% rebate bonus, as part of the annual reporting requirements, your financials should be completed in NetSuite and a year-end bank statement (not IEEE Concentration Banking and Investment Accounts) should be submitted to IEEE no later than the third Friday of February 2015. Additional information on Annual Reporting and the 2014 Rebate Schedule are available.

E-mail MGA staff with questions.

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vTools Release Announcement; WebEx Updates

The IEEE MGA vTools team is happy to announce successful new releases for the following vTools applications:

  • Meetings 5.0
  • WebInABox 3.0
  • Student Branch Reporting 1.4
  • Surveys 1.3

These applications have been updated to a newer software version. In addition, each application now utilizes the new IEEE Style Sheet in order to comply with the IEEE Web site requirements and style guide. This includes a "Sign in" option available in the upper-right corner of the Web browser and an update to the background color to use the IEEE brand color.

vTools.Meetings version 5.0 introduces usability and interface enhancements, including:

  • the "Schedule Meeting" form, "Meeting Report" form, and "Meeting Announcement" layout have been updated to illustrate different sections by adding a range of colors and labeling the sections;
  • WYSIWYG editors have been included on the "Schedule Meeting" and "Meeting Report" forms to provide more formatting features to enhance the meeting results display.

WebEx Update
The WebEx conferencing tool has recently been updated to the WebEx Meeting Center platform WBS29.11.

Visit the vTools Blog for a summary of the changes included in the new release.

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New IEEE Roster Launches with Enhanced Search Capability

A new and enhanced organizational unit (OU) and volunteer roster application launched on Thursday, 29 January 2015. It will replace the existing IEEE Organization Rosters, Parts I, II, and III, and some related rosters. The new roster meets IEEE’s Web design standards and will leverage IEEE’s current infrastructure in Amazon’s cloud environment.

Features include:

  • an enterprise search tool technology that provides a more robust user experience with elements featuring guided navigation, type ahead, and search functionalities. This includes a search box that automatically displays a “best match result” as a user is typing the name of a person or OU;
  • intuitive user interface with guided navigation that expands to include OU categories and affiliations with active links to display the full roster all within the same Web page. Access to the rosters is limited to those volunteers who are listed in the roster. Links to additional information not included in the roster, such as Active Affinity Groups, Technical Council Chapters, and the Technical Activities Photo Directory, can be found on the roster home page.

Access the new roster.

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IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Chapters’ Transition

On 1 January 2015, the IEEE Technology Management Council transitioned to the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEM), a Society dedicated to helping technology professionals and managers optimize their career opportunities and organizational effectiveness. The transition allows for individual memberships within the newly formed Society, increased collaboration in conquering the job market, and a more direct personal connection to the community than ever before.

All active Council Chapters have transitioned to active Society Chapters and have been renamed to reflect this; for example, the IEEE New York Section Chapter, TM14 (Technology Management Council), is now known as the IEEE New York Section Chapter, TEM14 (Technology and Engineering Management Society). The existing Chapter chairs, or newly elected Chapter chairs, have a grace period of one year to join the IEEE TEM Society. During Q4 2014, MGA staff will monitor the Chapter chairs’ IEEE TEM Society membership and distribute reminder communications regarding the grace period.

Become a member of the IEEE TEM Society.

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MCE Conference Education Program Webinar: Integrate Mobile Applications Into Your Next Conference

News from the IEEE Conference Organizers Newsletter: In February 2015, the IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE) Conference Education Program is offering the following webinar. Learn how to integrate mobile applications into your next conference. See the latest trends and how you can improve your attendee experience by including access via mobile apps.

How to Leverage Mobile Apps at Your Conference
Thursday, 19 February 2015
10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. ET

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Call for Nominations: IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Leadership Positions

This message sent on behalf of Ralph M. Ford, MGA N&A Committee Chair **

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is soliciting nominations for the following 2016 leadership positions:

  • MGA Vice President/MGA Board Chair
  • MGA Treasurer
  • MGA Vice Chairs
  • MGA Committee Chairs

Nominate yourself or a colleague now.

The deadline to submit nominations is 15 March 2015.

A complete list of available MGA positions, committee descriptions, and information on the MGA Nominations and Appointments process are available.

In accordance with the IEEE globalization initiative and in an attempt to ensure that MGA is globally balanced, each Region is requested to submit nominations. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Visit the MGA Nominations and Appointments page.

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Newly Formed Society Chapters – 2014

Below are the Society Chapters and Joint Chapters that were formed in 2014. Chapters and Joint Chapters that will be formed in 2015 will be announced throughout the year in future Chapter Briefs Newsletters.

January - Beijing Section Chapter, R07, Xian Section Chapter, EMC27, Latvia Section Joint Chapter, PEL35/IE13/IA34, Chengdu Section Joint Chapter, SSC37/CAS04, Wuhan Section Chapter, CS23, San Fernando Valley Section Chapter, IA34.

February - Bangalore Section Chapter, RA24, Beijing Section Chapter, RA24, Malaysia Section Chapter, CIS11, Switzerland Section Chapter, IE13, Harbin Section Chapter, IE13, Colombia Section Chapter, AP03.

March - Tunisia Section Chapter, ITS38, Morelos Section Joint Chapter, RA24/CIS11, Tokyo Section Chapter, ITS38, Kolkata Section Chapter, CS23/IM09, Kerala Section Chapter, AP03, Susquehanna Section Chapter, NANO42,

April - Madras Section Chapter, NANO42, New Jersey Coast Section Chapter, E25, Pittsburgh Section Chapter, PEL35,
Kitchener-Waterloo Section Chapter, SIT30/SMC28, Switzerland Section Chapter, AES10

May - Kerala Section Chapter, RA24, Bangalore Section Chapter, CPMT21, Dallas Section Chapter, PSE43, Kerala Section Chapter, SP01, Quebec Section Jt. Chapter, EMB18/CAS04, Xian Section Chapter, PE31, Binghamton Section Chapter, AP03

June - Bangalore Section Chapter, AES10, Kingston Section Jt. Chapter, AP03/MTT17, Fort Huachuca/Tucson/Phoenix Jt Chapter, R07, Wuhan Section Chapter, GRS29, Victorian Section Chapter, SMC28, Shin-Etsu Section Chapter, MAG33,

July - Bosnia And Herzegovina Sect Jt Chap, PEL35/IA34, Kerala Section Chapter, EMB18, Metropolitan Los Angeles Section Chapter, PHO36, Nanjing Section Chapter, PHO36, Chengdu Section Chapter, SSC37, New Jersey Coast Section Chapter, PE31, Shanghai Section Jt. Chapter, AP03/SYS45, New South Wales Section Chapter, DEI32

August - Tokyo Section/Japan Council Jt Chapter, CEDA44, Beijing Section Chapter, ED15/SSC37 Shenzhen, Queretaro Section Chapter, SMC28, Lebanon Section Chapter, EMB18, Green Mountain Section Chapter, ED15

September - Iraq Section Chapter, CIS11, Chengdu Section Chapter, PE31

October - Xian Section Chapter, R07, Green Mountain Section Chapter, PE31, Republic of Philippines Section Chapter, SSC37

November - SCV/OEB/SF Jt. Section Chapter, SEN39, Kingston Section Chapter, PEL35, Madras Section Chapter, ED15 – Coimbatore, Lahore Section Chapter, PE31, Chile Section Chapter, SP01, Italy Section Chapter, ASC41, Shanghai Section Chapter, IA34

December - Uttar Pradesh Section Jt. Chapter, CAS04/SSC37, Thailand Section Chapter, BT02, Ecuador Section Chapter, C16, United Arab Emirates Section Chapter, GRS29, Madras Section Chapter, IM09, Seoul Section Chapter, CEDA44, Tokyo Section/Japan Council Jt. Chapter, PHO36

IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions.

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